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Olympics Caches?


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Alrighty....I'm about to make my first-ever foray to the Olympic Peninsula, could use some guidance.


- Which are the best / most scenic / etc. caches to get in the various Port towns along the way?


- Which are the great ones to pick up as we do the big loop around the Peninsula? I'm especially interested in scenic and historic areas. Quinault, etc.


No big puzzles, multis, or major all-day hikes / mountain climbs, pls. I only have 4 days, and the Barnabirdys might have a few things they want to do, as well. [:)]


Thanks for any and all advice!

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The cache I enjoyed the most during my trips to the Peninsula was Sol Duc River Walk -- it's well kept, nice view of the river, short, easy, level walk, and the owners placed a little log bench so you'd have a nice place to enjoy both the view and the cache. If you're going way south to the Columbia, try the Covered Bridges of Wahkiakum County (I think that's how it's spelled.) I was amazed to find that Washington has an actual old covered bridge.


Have fun. :)

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I found Rocky Brook Falls to be a great little cache. It is a short walk to a nice waterfall. It is on private property, but the trail is marked that people can access the falls. I haven't done any further north, but if you are going to be driving along Hood Canal, I can give you a few along there. One in particular is Skokomish View hidden by the same cacher. This one offers a great view of the Skok valley.

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In the Sequim area, depending on your preference. I might recomend 2 possiblilities.

First if you want close to the water on a bluff with a incredible Sunset view. (camp here if thats your intentions) Dungeness Poker...I'm Bluffing . Or if your just passing through, swing up River Rd. to the fish hatchery as a side trip. Its not that far off the highway and its a very unique place! Dungeness River Walk is time well spent IMHO. Look up Jordan's Clownfish for some photos near the cache area. :)


And I second the motion for Rocky Brook Falls...another nice easy side trip.

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My favorite caches in the Sequim area so far are GCHWCF/The Plane! The Plane! and GCGG1T/Johnson Creek Trestle. If you haven't been to Trollville you should go - there's a virt there (GCGTAA). The various Track the Dragon caches up there are worthy trips, if only for the stories. I've only done a couple though, so YMMV.


Depending on what route you take and how far off that route you're willing to go, I'd also recommend GCN2Z8/Just Past Point No Point at the northernmost point of Kitsap County, and GCKT6A/splish/splash in Ocean Shores.

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For a quick find along Hood Canal, I would suggest Sund Rock.


For a look at the shoreline along Hood Canal you might try Potlatch Mosquitos. Not too far away is Potlatch.


Up in the hills near the Skokomish is Billy Goat's Gruff which I have not done, but I have heard good things about. Very close to that one (and the same theme IIRC) is --Vertigo--

which I have not done either. I have done Salmonberry Stroll which is not far away either. This one is pure bushwhack among the salmonberries.

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