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What Is Your Greatest Fear While Geocaching?

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Not really fear, just some things on my mind:


1) Not finding the cache


2) Taking the wrong route and having to backtrack a long distance


3) Chiggers


4) Ticks


5) Injury, such as a sprained ankle, esp. in a remote area where the cellphone does not work and I am alone


6) When my small dog is with me - large unleashed dogs


7) Bad people


8) Wildlife that bites - snakes, bears, wasps, and spiders.

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#1. Running out of daylight.


#2. Running out of water.


#3. Not having something for the kids to trade when we find the cache.


Planning for the trek and carrying the right gear is important. There was another thread on "what's in your gear bag?" a while back.


From the handle, you might guess that my wife and I feel more comfortable if someone in our travelling group is carrying. Open carry's OK in Arizona for most places other than National Parks, though I'm more comfortable carrying concealed, as are most folks who would never know otherwise. :rolleyes:

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It is not necessarily a fear, just a concern. I don't want to EVEN be the cause of a cache going missing to



So far, I have been very successful at thwarting potential muggles. The worst ones I have encountered are the 13-14 year old generation. They ride bikes and skateboards and are often around cache areas.


Oh well, I will just have to continually be on my toes in those city parks full of vim and vigor puberty teens!


Chuckwagon <_<

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Since my husband and I just started caching on our own, we haven't tried to involve the kids yet. So, my fear/concern is that the kids won't like it! Which would be a shame because my husband and I enjoy it so much so far and would love for the kids to enjoy it too.


"Real" fears?


I hate flying, stinging bugs of any kind. So, I don't like having to go in an area that has wasps or bees buzzing around it. My husband doesn't like spiders, so he is anxious if a cache is in a space that would be attratcive to spiders!

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Since geocaching is an outdoor activity, it seems a bit strange that so many that enjoy it seem to be afraid of what they find in the outdoors. Maybe I am starting to see the need for lamp post micros. Better to get zapped by an exposed live wire, or squashed by some Soccer Mom in her Hummer, than see a snake, bear, cougar or some nasty spider. Hey it's raining today.. maybe I'll get to see some nifty lightning or climb on some slippery rocks. <_<

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Just Googled a few interesting statistics that will certainly change my approach to caching. Never, never, never, cache while wearing a hooded sweatshirt or while on roller skates. Either of these activities have triple the chance of death from snakes, spiders, cougars, and bears combined. Lightning (89 US deaths per year) and bees (50) are more dangerous than skates and hooded sweatshirt drawstrings combined (27) ..this data is only as good as the site I got it from :?: :laughing:

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I wasn't afraid till reading this thread and seeing all that could go wrong :laughing:


No really. I've thought about meeting bad people out in the woods or snakes and spiders. I haven't really been worried about animals as for the most part, they'll leave you alone if you leave them alone. Weather does worry me a bit. I got caught a couple miles out in a very bad thunderstorm last year while geocaching and had a very large tree come crashing down the mountain in front of me (about 20 yards) last year. That was quite scary.

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Over the last couple of years, many have expressed their concerns regarding various factors associated with geocaching. Some geocachers encounter snakes others are concerned with landscape and environmental factors. What is it you fear the most while geocaching. Those of you that aren't afraid of anything, well, we don't believe you. Everyone is afraid of something ... what is it?


That the cache will be crappy. :laughing:

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On a scale of 1 to 10, with an all-out phobia being a 10, I say ticks are a solid 7 with me! No, make that 7.5!


I'll bid 8. :laughing:


Wait.........make that 8.5


I can't stand not seeing what's coming for me. It may be a "woods" tick. They are a bit bigger as ticks go and you can actually feel them crawling. The Deer ticks creep me out the most. The are just too small and carry all of the nasty diseases.

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My biggest fears are:


Running into weirdos of the human sort.


Injuring myself again. I've already broken my leg and laid in the dirt for what seemed like an eternity until the EMTs found me. Worst part - the recovery is still ongoing and it's been 6 months already. One slip and your life is changed.

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Muggles. I swear that guy was watching me. Then when he used his cell phone, I know he was calling the police. I was working on my story, deciding to come back later and return the cache, when I saw an opening and returned it and left. A cop was across the street, I swear he was watching me. I think that guy over there is undercover . . .


The wilderness stuff is easy, I spend a lot of time backpacking and camping, but the urban stuff creeps me out.


And that sea weed is actually arms reaching up to drag you to the depths below. It is part of some underwater monster.

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My biggest fear is that I might run into some freak out there when I'm caching with my son. If I'm alone and I have to off some weirdo, fine, but I don't want to have my son's safety be the issue.


I've never been caching in an area with rattlesnakes and I'm going to cache in the western Dakotas with my wife and son this summer, so I'm kind of worried about this. I don't even really know if there are many snakes there, but I'm guessing there are. I think my wife will be done caching for good if we see one and I'm afraid my boy might try to catch it.


Here in northern Minnesota we have bears (no worry), moose (little more worry), wolves (lots of 'em, shouldn't worry but the thought is always in the back of my mind), and the rare cougar (doubt I'll ever see one in the woods, but if I did I'd soil myself).


I'd really hate to run across a meth lab. We have some remote forests and bogs up here, but I don't get lost very easily, so I don't think that's an issue.


Every year I think it might be the year I get Lyme or West Nile.


Why do I cache again? :lol:

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Is anybody scared that if you take your wife or girlfriend, they may want to do the 'wild thing' when you are alone in the woods?


Yes, Im afraid your girlfriend might want to do the wild thing while we are alone in the woods !



(sorry, had to say that)

I'm afraid my girlfriend may want to 'do it' when I'm geocaching with my wife ... :ph34r::huh::huh:

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