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What's On Your Checklist?


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We're utter n00bs to geocaching and trying to make a complete checklist of things to take with us when we go looking for caches. Can anyone add or comment on what we have so far?


Please note that for at least the short term, we're looking for caches that we can either park-and-grab or find after a mile or so hike. I'm sure each person's mileage will vary. Also note that we don't have all of this stuff yet, but we're working towards getting the list completed. :anitongue:


* GPS (duh!)

* Log book (personal notes on the cache)

* 2 Pens/Pencils

* Knick-knacks (for dropping in smaller caches)

* Cache List (the trip list)

* 35mm canisters (in case a cache needs maintenance)

* Small Ziploc bags (see above)

* Trash bag (CITO)

* Sunscreen

* Insect repellent

* Camera (always record the visit)

* Tripod (Renee's a photographer)

* Hiking staff (more important than we first thought...ask the spider webs and potential snake holes)

* Water

* Snacks

* Flashlight

* Batteries (for the flashlight, camera, GPS, etc.)

* First aid kit (you never know)

* Gardening gloves (for the briars that grow over the cache site)


What else does everyone bring?



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Backpack to carry everything

PDA for paperless cacheing - saves trees and you have all the logs

cache containers - in case I find a great place to hide one

Cell Phone - a must in case of injury or get a little turned around or need a hint from a fellow cacher

TB's to drop off

hats, gloves, scarf in winter

extra socks and shoes in case of water hazards

Boots for hiking and water hazards

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Add a whistle into your kit. You can only yell for help for a limited time and your voice won't carry very far. You can blow a whistle intermittently for a very long time and it can be heard for a long distance and won't be mistaken for a natural sound.

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I've added some stuff since, like a collapsable hiking staff, and you can't see the camera, but here is the most of it.





GPS (One or both units, depending on trip)


FRS/ GMRS Radios

Pens/ pencils


Small first aid kid (will probably add snakebite kit soon)

Kleenexes (Lots of uses, drying out a cache, ect...)

Swag/ sig items

Multi-tool Knife


Small clipboard for notes

Ziploc bags, more inside the 35mm film cans.

Extra logbooks (Micro and a larger one)

Orange vest (added since photo)

Mini Mag flashlight

Extra batteries (Rechargables and regular)

And more......

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Looking at the lists, I saw most of what I carry, but I didn't see the following:


* cell phone

*walking stick (great for poking into places you don't want to put your hand)

* info cards/brochures on GC


* signature rubber stamp & ink pad (I Letterbox also, and stamp in GC logs as well)


If you are going to bring items to repair caches, in addition to stuff like ziploc pages, I would add in small cache logs in case the log is full, soaked, etc.

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I have pretty much what everyone else has except the PDA and S&W. I appreciate Thrak's thought of the whistle; I'll throw one of those in too. Lots of Water! I have my big cache bag and my portable bag for leaving the car. What I really need is a 12 foot stick that folds up into 2 foot sections. Then when i'm out in the boonies, I could unfold it and put a big red flag on top and stick it on my car so I could find it. Or, I could learn to use my GPS & just "track" back ... I also keep things in my car like a radio, book, food, fire - all in case I get lost & need to keep busy and alive til help arrives. And should I plan on venturing FURTHER than the Walmart parking lot, I'd throw in a tent and sleeping bag too, just in case. Some of my caches though have been those where I had only a GPS and jotted coordinates & just "took off".

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3 men stay at a motel. The front desk charges them $30.00 for a room. They split the cost $10 each. Later the manager tells the desk man that he overcharged them, the cost should have been $25. The manager gives the bellboy $5 and tells him to give it to the men. The bellboy cheats the men and pockets $2, giving each of them only one dollar. Now each man has paid $9 to stay in the room. 3 x $9 = $27. The bellboy pocketed $2. $27 + $2 = $29 - so where is the missing dollar?


each person spent $9

1/3 of $25 : 8.333333 was spent on the room

1/3 of $02 : 0.666667 was spent (without their knowledge) on the tip

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I'm a newbie in Geocaching, but long-time Scouter and outdoor enthusiast!


My list is broken into segments and seperate 'mix and match' kits:


GPS Kit- carried in a small shoulder bag and pockets

- GPS, spare batteries, PDA cable (hoping to go to Bluetooth soon)

- PDA with cache info, personal log, maps, wildlife guides/ID photos and sounds

- Pens/pencils

- Camera

- Items to leave

- Cache repair/CITO small roll of duct tape and some big Zip-locks

- Cell phone and FSR-type radios for everyone

- Mini-cache in case we find a great site


Hiking Kit- Not usually used for city caches, but kept in car just in case. Carried in a small backpack.

- Sunscreen, bug juice

- Spare socks

- Big bandana, usually with something helpful printed on it

- Multi-tool or Swiss army knife

- First-aid kit, with moleskins

- Water bottles, munchies, cup

- Small survival pack with compass, whistle, lighter, etc.

- Hiking staff- usually my stick, but a collapsable one would be nice!

- Binoculars

- Flashlights- 1 micro (Photon) on my keychain, 1 mini-maglight in the pack


Car Kit- Left in car for use between caches

- Spare batteries and chargers for everything

- Manuals for all devices

- Extra water, chilled if possible

- Spare items to leave

- Usually, my laptop with a ton of other sites loaded for use


Things I am less sure about-

- snakebite kit- the Red Cross recommends not using these. You can find other care options on-line

- I am confused by the frequent comments about a compass- why a compass and a GPS? I carry a small on in my kit for just-in-case, but is there a reason to carry a better one?


Things I did not have but will get now-

- Inspection mirror- what a great idea!

- Gloves- like this one too- keep thinking about it when reaching into nasty places

- Safety cone or triangle for less-than-ideal parking situations

- Poison Ivy Treatment- just thought of this- at least 1 cache I've seen was placed really close to PI.

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compass....always , why? doesn't need batteries and if you take a reading where you parked you can get back !

duck tape - always have carried it - love the stuff - fixes boots, caches, parkas, etc...

zip lock bag (waterproof!!) of 1st aid : bandages, tape, gauze, mole skin, personal meds.

have found lots of sunglasses and reg. glasees in the woods so pack an extra pair.

don't forget dog snacks for the dog and plenty of water.

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