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Cambridge Caches?

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We are going camping in Cambridge at the end of next week for 10 days and our prime source of amusement will of course be caching :lol:


Can anybody point us in the direction of those caches that really shouldn't be missed :huh:


and maybe also those that aren't all that great :ph34r: (best email me with those ones through my profile .... don't want to offend anybody)






Edited for the most appalling spelling mistake in history :ph34r:

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A couple that I have enjoyed in the area are:


Last Post (GCGGQR)

The Hunt for Red October : Part 3 - Wimpole Folly (GCHY7K)


I've also done the one mentioned by The Klever Boys which needs a little while to walk to from the 'learning shop' if you have time.




gazooks/Graeme ;)

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If you do Last Post you could do Cold Hard Cache which isn't very far away. The Park and Hide series is good for your stats and StAG Hunt is a devilishly difficult public retrieve if attempted during the day. There are a few more around the city and plenty in the general area. Have fun - shame you can't make the Ely event.

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