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Ftf Hounds Rejoice!


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I'd like them to be shorter (shrink the URLs) and more compact - right now Cingular sends my phone 5 messages for each cache.


About once a week I am awoken at 2am by mtn-man's approvals (x5) terrified that it might be a server down at work...


I'm with you there!


I don't need to know what state or country. I think I can figure out safely that it's in my preset radius.


How far? Super.


Reviewer? I'll check the webpage for that, thanks.


Date/Time? That's cool.


The reviewer's "published" entry? Ummm... No.


New Caches edit page? Naw, thanks.


Reviewer's Profile? Oh, you've gotta be kidding me!


How about:


Automated message from geocaching.com

SomeNewCache (Trad. 1.5/2 Small)

3.9mi N

12 32.456

-121 32.456


[Published 22:30 4/5/06]


Now THAT'S useful, and doesn't require me to parse it out, fetch the stuff I actually need with a php script (putting additional load on gc), format a new message, then send THAT to my cell!

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