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Has Anybody Ever Used Velcro


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I have mostly used magnets so far for my caches,but many parks and open spaces don't have that many options to attach the magnetised caches to.So I have bought some velcro and was thinking of using this to give me more options...ie wooden surfaces.Any ideas?? ;)


I wouldn't advise it, because you would have to stick one side of the velcro onto the structure with adhesive. That's not cool.


Besides, you are gonna spend a lot of money buying velcro that will hold up an ammo can

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Velcro will work in some applications and not others. In hot humid spots, the adhesive may actually melt off of your fixed item and drop the cache out in the open. I would not recommend using it on wood. The adhesive needs a clean flat surface to grip. Be sure you remove all trace of the adhesive whn then cache is gone too. The single use alcohol prep wipes are great for this, and for cleaning the surface prior to appilcation.


PS I have seen magnets holding ammo cans in place, but not velcro. ;)

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I agree with the others about velcro. Wimseyguy hit the nail on the head. I haven't hid any caches using velcro or magnets yet, but as a finder, I prefer caches using magnets over velcro. When I put a cache back that is held in place by magnets, I know it probably won't go anywhere. But with velcro, I usually worry that it's going to fall off as soon as I walk away.

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While I have found caches place with velcro, it is not the best thing to use, if the surface is not clean it will fail after a while. If if get to be to hot the glue will not hold any longer. IF you find a place that you can staple the velcro, the velcro on the cache can fail. If you are looking hide a cache in a park there must be a place to hide a cache that will not require velcro.

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I live in hot and humid south Louisiana. There are some micros (including one of mine) that use velcro, and so far they've done well. These are all in areas not directly exposed to rain, but still in the heat and humidity (which is everywhere).


Mine's underneath a wooden structure, and I superglued the velcro to both the structure and the container. The superglue holds well. I actually glued myself to the first container I tried to use it on, and for a while I thought I'd have to wear the container to work the next day.

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I've never used in a geocaching application at all but as a sailor (I've all ready heard all the land-locked jokes out there :lol: ), I've used 3M Dual Lock. Really like the stuff for limited applications where needed.

But as been mentioned, adhesive/mounting is very important for durability.

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I have tried velcro on a few occassions only to later learn that it is not the best way to go. I currently have a cache that has velcro holding the first stage in place and the first stage has already gone MIA and had to be replaced. The glue on the back of the Velcro wasnt strong enough so I placed super glue on it for extra strength and as far as I know the first stage is still holding. I prefer magnets, but I guess Velcro could work depending on the conditions.


Just my $0.02

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