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I would like to adopt a cache (that's why I posted the topic below). A lot of people have posted notes saying they would like me to because it is a great cache and they don't want to see it go. I have contacted the reviewer twice asking if I could adopt it and I never received a reply. The first time I contacted him was about 3 weeks ago, and the second was about 1 week ago. I have never received a reply and people are getting restless (namely me :blink: ). What can I do? The cache in question is Rush Creek Park, GCHDX0.

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Did you contact the owner of the cache?


Did you use the page for adoptions? (somebody help me out and link to it) :blink:


Both the above make an adpotion smooth (providing the owner agrees). If the owner isn't around - wait for the reviewer.

That's the problem. The owner is MIA. Almost everyone who left a note on that page tried to contact him/her and we have never received a reply. I mentioned that to the reviewer when I e-mailed him. That's the main reason we want it adopted so badly.


EDIT- P.S. The owner is Lightning Bugs.

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I looked at the cache page and there is a note stating that it needs maintence. You could be a nice guy and just do the necessary repairs. That would fix the problems. Then try contacting the owner again. If you hear nothing, write the reviewer stating that you did the maintaince, and tried to contact the owner. Give it a little time. The reviewer will also try to contact the owner. That will take a little longer. But since you were a nice guy, the cache is still active. And somewhere, you get points.

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Another thing to consider:


Someone mentioned in a log that there aren't many visitors to the cache any more. If that cache were archived, the spot would be open for a new cache to be placed there.


A new and different cache would bring back all the previous visitors, and be available for new cachers as well. Sometimes caches that have been problematic for a long time have gotten a bad reputation, and are ignored by most people.

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I think this is kind of a stretch here, but it's been several weeks now (as mentioned before) since I contacted my reviewer with no reply. I'm not quite familiar with the normal sequence of events, so please don't view me as impatient for asking this, but would a different reviewer be able to allow me to adopt it if I presented a good enough "argument"?

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I know that you are excited but there are several considerations.


First, although the cache owner obviously have not been caching (under that name at least) for a couple of years, and haven't logged in on almsot a year, someone else has been taking care of the cache. The container that is there now was put there by the person who has been tending the cache.


If I were the reviewer, I would want to first check out the original owner, and then contact the person who has been taking care of the cache before deciding anything.


Secondly, it really hasn't been that long since you made your inquiry. It just seems that way! Some time in March, was it?


The reviewer will want to take a look at the whole picture.

How often it has been visited?

Is it in good working order right now?

Have the locals stopped coming to visit, so only newbies and visitors come now?

Should it be archived, or adopted?

If it is adopted, does the person who has been taking care of it want to adopt it?



If I were you, I would contact the guy who has been taking care of it and ask him how he feels about you adopting it. If he is all for it, I would drop another note to the reviewer, giving him a brief synopsis of the case. And then I would wait at least a month before I wrote again.

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