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Using Track Logs With Google Maps?

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I've got the basics of downloading LOC or GPX files for cache info to my Etrex Legend. What I would like to do is take my track logs and put them on a map, like Google maps. Is there a free (i.e., without having to buy Garmin Mapsource software) way to do this?



James Wilson

Dallas, TX

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OK, dumb question time. How do I download my tracklogs? I thought I had done it before with EasyGPS, but no. Any free tools for that task?

-edit- Helps to use the latest version of the software. my old version of EasyGPS wouldn't, but the new version does... :-)


That is too cool! Once I figured out how to work in EasyGPS, I saved my tracklog and a couple of waypoints to a new file, and used GPS Visualizer to plot it. This is probably old hat to a lot of folks, but it's like magic to me!

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