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Let me first state that I have no vested interest or ulterior motives relating to the following map site, I’m just another geocacher:




I was looking for a mapping website wherein I could enter the coordinates and the name of the geocache, and bring up a map showing the cache location. Then to be able to plot additional waypoints, such as, road intersections, trailheads, etc. Then to be able to download these waypoints to a file that could be used in EasyGPS to upload into my GPS receiver. These additional waypoints I use to guide me to the cache in unfamiliar country.


Cachefever does this and more. Go to the above cachefever website and click on “Getting Started.” This will pretty much describe the mapping features that are available. Some of these features are: the map can be shown in the following display formats; Map, Satellite, Hybrid, Black & White Aerial, Topo, and JPL-GM. The map can be zoomed in and out, and shifted across the screen.


It is my hope that cachefever would someday be the tenth mapping website on each geocache site page. So that clicking on it would take the geocacher directly to the map with the cache location shown.


Give it a try and express your comments. The site is still in Beta phase so any suggestions to make it better are welcomed, and can be entered in the cachefever forum.



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Doesn't sound it!


Hi fhexplorers,


I do have a vested interest in Cachefever, but Scatstomper does not. I have built a few gps mapping websites and Scatstomper (among others) asked me if I could make some modifications to help with geocaching. I created CacheFever after realizing that there were a lot of people who could use this type of site.


Mr. Stomper and a couple of other geocachers have helped me by providing feedback. His enthusiasm is genuine.


I also believe it's a great site for geocachers, and am working some cool upgrades that I will be rolling out within the next few weeks. Please do take a look at the site when you have the chance, and feel free to email me with your thoughts.



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