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Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut, And What You Do Then Is Your Own Business!


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The nuts will be here tomorrow!


That's the good news...


The bad news, is we are leaving on a multi-state, caching road-trip early next week. There is just no way I can possibly take orders, and get things shipped by the time I leave.


I am hesitant to open sales with all of the recent hullaballoo over the Wyoming coins. However, since I plan to list some of these on Ebay as soon as I have them in-hand, I don't want the regulars of this forum to panic, and pay inflated prices.


So, here is what I am doing...


1. If you received a silver Screw, please email me if you want a matching silver nut. I promised I would give those people first option at the silvers, so this is your chance. It is way too much work for me to go through and email each buyer individually, so I am taking the easy way out...for me that is...and allowing you to email my geocaching account to request your silver nut. PLEASE, don't email me asking to be put on a waiting list for the silvers. I will be forced to delete the emails and you won't be any better off. I will announce how many are left, and when they will be available on May 1st. (That gives everyone over two weeks to check the forums, and it gives me time to get back in the swing of things again.)


2. I am not going to reserve standard nuts. I have 850 of them to sell, and with so many people cutting back, or dropping out all together, I don't think it will be possible for me to sell out of these. I am opening sales now, so you won't be tempted by the Ebay sales, but please note that I won't be shipping anything until May 1st.


The Nuts are priced at $7.00 each, plus shipping.


Here is the link to purchase them.


International orders please use the extra link as well.


Thanks for your patience, support, and understanding.

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There is one point that needs clarification...


On the silver screws, I am only holding reservations for the initial 50 cachers that got on the original list. There were so many problems with telling the metals apart, that there is no way I can verify who has what at this point, and I am sure there are probably more people that "think" they have a silver screw than there are silver screws!


Anyway, for the record, the same quantities were produced as the last run.


900 Nickel

75 Silver

25 Gold


For those that got the silver and golds from auctions, or through trades, I will do what I can to match your sets.

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i got mine ... i bought my screw second hand but i emailed you a while back and you did say i was ok to be added to the list. If i have overstepped the mark by ordering please feel free to cancel it and i will wait for the other order. thank you

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Well...the best made plans of mice and men...


To avoid the problems we had with differentiating between silver and nickel plated nuts, we had the mint add an "S" to the silver version...


They forgot...


So, in order to try and make the best of it, I have copied the tracking numbers of all the silver screws, and written "silver" on the outer bag of the silver screws.


Buyer beware on any Ebay auctions. (Other than the ones I have listed of course.)

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So, in order to try and make the best of it, I have copied the tracking numbers of all the silver screws, and written "silver" on the outer bag of the silver screws.


Ahh, don't you mean nuts instead of screws above?


Yep! I screwed up again!!! This whole ordeal is driving me nuts!! :blink:

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Honestly, not to be negative, I promise...but isn't it supposed nuts and BOLTS and not nuts and screws?? B)


Well, technically, you are right...


But...when I got the first set of artwork back, and it said, "BOLTS geocoins! Let's go find some caches!" It didn't really have the sound I was looking for, so I used some artistic license. :lol:

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Ok troops...


A few lucky cachers will start seeing some nuts soon. I took a bunch of envelopes to the post office to get weights on them, (Boy are these things heavy!), and mailed off the one's I had there. (Sorry, didn't pay attention to names, so I can't say who's went.)


Anyway, since I already got raspberried, and pasta-whipped on the other thread, for being one of the not-so-fastidious members of this group, and not including the activation codes with each coin...I figured I would forewarn you! ;)


I swithced houses this time, and the activation codes can be retrieved at: www.coincodes.com


I just got the info to them, the icon_sp account, and the site that directs you to code retrieval, so none of them are active yet...


To top it off, the icon isn't active yet either.


Thanks again for your patience.

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