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The Junkjones Compass Hitchiker


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I have created a new hitchiker. It does NOT have a travel bug dog tag so it is not "official". It is the JunkJones Compass. I plan on releasing 4 and 1 has already been released in Team Ekitt10's 'Riddle of the Lorax' Mystery Cache. It's a black compass with a yellow string attached. When closed one side reads JunkJones and the oppositte side has my signiture, a giant J with a small G in the center of the J. Written on the bottom of the top section of the compass is the number of the compass with the Roman Numeral written below it. Compass's numbers 2, 3, and 4 are labeled while 1 is not.


I posted this so I can hear about where they have gone. Be sure to post where you found it and where you left it. Also include the place, date, country, and which number compass you found. Also be sure to post a link to here in the online cache logs when you place it in a cache. Also try to write out your post on this page just like I have below. Stories and photos are much apriceated! Thanks in advance! :anibad:

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I'm sorry, but I don't believe you can use the forums as your own tracking device. I'll have to check into this and in the meantime I am locking the thread while I find out if this is acceptable practice. I do not think it is. I'll get back to you.

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