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3 Peaks

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I did it back in 2003 and it was good fun. We did it over 3 days so we didn't have to rush. I don't think it would have been as much fun if we had done it in the 24 hrs. There is some info and photo's on my web site.


Good luck if you go for it.


Dont think I can fit it in this year :D but post when you have a firm date.

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I would say you'd have to be in exceptional condition to do all three in a day. Snowdon and the Pike on one day and Nevis on the next might be possible. But you'll feel like you've been hit with sticks for a few days afterwards.

Many people have done all 3 in 24hrs, most for charity sponsorship by people with little experience.

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Lots of info here...


I'm up for the 1 day, not sure about being allowed the time for 3 days. I'll ask the boss.


BearClawz; Boss can I have three days to do the 3 Peaks Challenge?

BearClawz; Three days! What with our busy season coming up. I'll give you one day, two at the very most!

BearClawz; Thanks Boss.


Worst boss I've ever had, he's a right slave driver. Penalty for being self empolyed. I ask the other half her reply was she's not up to it, but Patch would be up for anything especially if the W word is mentioned.

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I have half done it in 24 hrs. Managed to get two of our team up and down all three in under 24hrs, and about 6 others did all three but not within the 24.


I ******** both my big toes coming down Nevis so dipped out of Scafel. Managed Snowden up and down in 4 hrs at the end though.

Couple of tips though. Head torch for Scafel a la Alpha Quest Y :D and make sure your walking boots have enough toe room when descending. Better still if the weather is dry wear the open toed Teva's or similar..wish I had!

Make also sure you have a decent car and someone dedicated to do the driving.

And find a decent hotel in Fort William to stay in overnight.

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Did it a few years ago....great fun BUT you ideally need a dedicated driver.

Started at Ben Nevis finish at Snowdon


timings approx (when i remembered to press lap)


Started at the Loch at 03:50

Started Ben Nevis at 04:00

Reached the summit at 06:23

Back to the base 08:20

(total climb 4hrs 20min....total elapsed 4hrs 30min)


Drive to Scafell Pike 5hrs 25min (total elapse 9hrs 55min)

Started Scafell at 13:50

Reached the summit at 15:40

Back to base 17:03

(total climb 3hrs 13min....total elapse 13hrs 09min)


Drive to Snowdon 4hrs 23min (total elapse 17hrs 32min)

Started Snowdon at 21:30

Reached the summit at 23:08

Reached the base at 00:50

(total climb 3hrs 20min....total elapse 20hrs 57min)


Drive to Caernarvon 17min

Challenge finished at 01:07


Total challenge time 21hrs 14min 56sec (actual)

total climbing time 10hrs 38min

total altitude climbed 10010ft


All in all a good experience BUT you're at the mercy of the traffic (and weather) regards doing it within the 24hrs.



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