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Geocaching Cross Country


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The two of us are going to drive cross country to explore all that is out there. Since we love to Geocache we thought it would be a good idea to cache in every state we visit. We will be going from Rhode Island, down to Atlantic city, then to Tennessee all the way to the west coast. From there we will be making our way to Seattle and finally back across to Rhode Island. Has anyone ever done a trip like this? We would love to hear other cachers expierences. Any tips on places to stay along the way would be appreciated as we want to keep our expenses to a minimum.




S&M (Scott and MIchelle)

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I am just now planning a Indiana to the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone across the top of the country back to Indiana. I am leaving in two weeks and traveling for two weeks. If you are going through North Carolina, the Blue Ridge Parkway fron Asheville to the Great Smokey Mountain National Park is an awesome drive with several caches along the way. Nashville, TN has all the caches you could possibly want. I am heading out I-40 to Flagstaff and then north to the Grand Canyon, Salt Lake City, Yellowstone, Glacier and then back. Unless snow gets in the way. What are your plans.

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We cache all over the place as we travel.


My suggestion is to create your route first.... and figure out what you would like to see. :blink:


Then after you have a route, just check out the caches along the way.


There are a few nice ones in every town/city. When you get to vacation touristy spots, there are almost always a few virtuals still there. My favorites are the caches that are inside the parks.... like the North rim of the grand canyon, or near Old Faithful in Yellowstone. I usually e-mail the local cachers in each area and see if they recommend any nice restaurants or tourist stops. They in turn always tell me where the best caches are. Have fun.

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