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New Cache Idea....which One

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I have two ideas for a cache just wanted to hear some feedback as to which one you think is better.


Idea#1: Place the cache and activate a TB with a key attached to it and make a link on the cache page as to where you can find the key, you will have to first find the key which will be in a random cache, then find the cache use the key to unlock the cache.


Idea#2: Hide the same cache but do not put a link as to where the key(TB) is I would have a friend put the TB under their acct and place it in a random cache so when you find the key you will then have the coords to the cache with the key, it would kind of be like a surprise. On the cache page I would post that you will need to first find the key but give no clues or hints as to were the key is so that you have to randomly find the key in order to unlock the cache.


So all I ask is your simple opinion as to which one you like better numero 1 or 2!


Thanks for your input. -_-

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I think you would have a lot more finds with the first scenario. People who are interested in the cache will search for the key.


I did a cache like this once. The TB had the combination for the cache's lock on it. Just make sure you attach a note to the TB asking that it not be taken out of the area. Not that it matters, because my TB wound up somewhere in Connecticut at one point despite a note attached to the TB and on the TB page asking that it stay in the same county as the cache.


I also recall picking up a similar TB in NJ and getting a frantic e-mail from the owner asking that I mail it back to him. It wasn't supposed to leave a certain town in Massachussets.

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This is a wonderful local cache that involves two TBs, each of which has a key attached. You have to find each TB in order to continue the quest for the cache.


The TBs are supposed to stay in the area, but sometimes cachers put them in very difficult Puzzle caches, and other times they are placed in caches that involve a long hike. :P


It is a very fun cache . . . B)


I'm not sure if that helps you make your decison . . . -_-

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Erie Lock & Key cache


I know the owner has had issues with the TB - missing, people grabbing it and holding it for a long time ect. Very fun cache, just takes a little extra effort.


the only problem I see with #2 is that I very rarely revisit a cache and unless the TB was in a cache I did not find I would never find the cache is question.


Go with option 1

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Why attach it to a travel bug? Why not just buy a simple lock and key at the store and use that. That way, if the key goes missing, you can just replace the lock and key set. I saw these key and lock sets and Walgreens for 3 bucks for three locks, people use them on luggage etc... I like this idea so much, I may do it myself! :-)

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Why attach it to a travel bug? Why not just buy a simple lock and key at the store and use that.

With the TB, it will be trackable/watchable, and you'll get more cache finders. If the key/bug goes missing, just release a duplicate key with the copy TB tag or a paper tag.


If you use scenario #1, make sure you put a restriction like "do not take this bug out of the county" or "keep it within 50 miles of my hometown". Be prepared, though. Some people may ignore it anyway. I had a bug that was supposed to stay in my hometown and somebody took it to England. :)

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I agree with all who voted for option #1. It's nice to be able to locate the key(s) when you want to find the cache. Our local version, The Cary Key Club Cache has a nice added feature. The owner asks that you try to hand off the key to another cacher, instead of just dropping it into a cache. This method adds to the geo-friendships made along the way. Those are the numbers that really matter at the end of the trail. :)

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#1 is a better idea.


A similar cache in this area was created in a park that had about 6 other caches in it. The TB was supposed to stay in one of the 6, and not be removed from the park. It actually worked until one of the 6 caches was muggled, and it just happened to be the one with the key in it.

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