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Holiday Coin #3 - Memorial Day 2006

Kilted Cacher

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It's been a while since the last coin (Groundhog Day), but here is the 3rd installment in the series of 4 coins. I do not have the final artwork as of yet, but when I do I will post the ordering info here. As with all the other coins, they are trackable on gc.com with a prefix of HC (Holiday Coin), pending approval from Groundspeak on the final design. Also, if you ordered the Groundhog Day Geocoin, then you already know where to order the coins again, if you want to get a jump on it. I just felt that since I don't have the final artwork, that I wouldn't post the ordering info.

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I emailed Kilted Cacher yesterday because I had received many emails asking for the site and wasn't sure if he really wanted it given out (maybe he'd want those who had preordered before to get first dibs or something). This was his response:


I don't care about the sharing of the site. If they order, it's an order for a coin that they haven't seen yet. That's why I felt I shouldn't post the site yet. I didn't feel right posting a sell for a coin that I don't have the artwork completed for. I was just giving everyone a heads up. If they want to order, then I have no problem with that.


Anyone here could have found the link by searching for the groundhog day coin thread - he had the site listed there.


Anyway, without further ado:



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