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Geocoin Collectors Going To Geowoodstock 4


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I just want to get a list started of the geocoin collectors that are going to be at Geowoodstock 4.


Please post if you are going and if you will be bringing any personal geocoins to trade in person.


Hope to see you all there! Look me up and say hello!!

I wish I was, but I don't think I can pull it off. Maybe if someone cancels at the last minute and gives me their airline tickets... :anibad:

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I will be there. I was hoping to have a brand new coin to trade but since I haven't heard anything back from the geocoinstore in 2-3 weeks I fear my coins will not be done in time. I've been collecting coins for ~ 2 months and while I have purchased most of my coins, the few trades that I have made have been a lot of fun. Can't wait!

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I'll be there - plane tickets have been purchased and the hotel reservation is made. My personal should be done late this month or early May (there, the cat's out of the bag). I'm only bringing a few with me and plan to do some trading while I'm there. I'll probably arrange several more trades to be fulfilled after I get home.


Please be sure to post the list or email it so we can all know who'll be there :-)




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I'll be there! In fact the organizing committee told me I can't leave the park. <_<

Between now and then I need to get my coins organized - the old wine crate just isn't efficient anymore.


Please post if you're bringing a new coin to trade that will make it debut at the event. I hear there will be a few.

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We (IC1 and Girlyscout) plan on being in the area on thursday, I plan on attending the Coin "subevent" I have a ammobox full of various coins for trade... Unfortunately, my personal coin is still in the planing stages so it will not be ready for woodstock.

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