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North Louisiana Geocaching Adventure?


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Is there any interest in doing a cookout/campfire type event this summer? If there's enough interest, I will try to plan one to coincide with my end of summer Louisiana visit.


I'm doing Cache Across Maryland (CAM) right now, and I thought it might be fun to do something like that in North Louisiana. The way CAM works is that there is a set of 10 caches across Maryland for CAM seekers to find before the picnic event. The picnic event is just for fun and everyone is welcome.


I will probably be visiting North Louisiana at the end of May/early June. If there are 10 people who are interested in doing it by then, I will place the caches and work on finding a good picnic site. I was thinking Caney Lake or Lake Claiborne, but if there's a site that works better for the majority of the cachers, feel free to let me know.


Since there will be about 2.5-3 months in between the caches becoming active, and the picnic, I'd like to get about 25-30 caches across this part of Louisiana, especially in places with a low cache density. If you're interested in placing caches for this, please let me know.

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*drools* Count me in!

You gave me even more incentive to join the NELA forum...

If I know the date far enough in advance, I'll schedule around it. If not, I'll just cross my fingers and hope I'm off. :ph34r:


edit: I live a few hours away from most NELA locations so I'd rather not hide caches and try to maintain them. In other aspects, I'm game. :(

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