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The Blue Quasar

Canadian National Historic Sites

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Hello to all those participating or interested in the new Canadian National Historic Sites Category.


This Forum thread is for the purposes of discussion regarding the Category and to help those that have questions about the Category.


The current members of the Group are (besides myself)

- Jake39

- Ibycus

- Hard Oiler


There is already one Waymark listed in the Category, created by Hard Oiler! Victoria Hall, Petrolia. Thanks Hard Oiler for getting us started, with the official First Waymark in the Category!


I'd also like to thank the people that voted in favour of my Category, and the Groundspeak staff that helped with the new process and finally everyone that has supported Waymarking!


I will be adding links and such in this thread, hopefully adding this thread to the Waymark Category page... I like things cross-referrenced so they can be easily toggled between.


Feel free to help contribute to this Forum Thread and to the Category... I hope to maintain the maximum 72 review process for all Waymarks that get submitted.


Canadian National Historic Sites.... Yours to Visit!


:ph34r: The Blue Quasar

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