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Altoids Tins

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The round Altoid tins (they look like snuff tins) are actually quite watertight. I have one on the banks of the Allegheny River that's survived multiple floods. The rectangular ones can leak if directly exposed to the elements.


A good coating of rustoleum paint will (1) camo your tin, (2) keep it from rusting, and (3) make the lid fit a bit more snugly.

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I had one of the Altoids tins as a cache on a guardrail. I sanded, primed, and painted it inside and out. It lasted thru its life with no leakage issues that I know of.


I currently have an Altoids strips tiny tin as a cache under a fencepost, and it has only had trouble with leakage once, and that was due to somebody stuffing a business card in (the tin wouldn't even shut!) before it rained :D So I had to replace that tin with a new tin. It is also sanded, primed, and painted to match the surroundings.

People like it and the itty bitty log book.


Altoids tins and similar metal tins are quite popular in the world of altered art. They make great bases for artistic expression:

an example

(edit to clarify that isn't my artwork shown)


So yes, I do buy them (and usually throw the mints away!) 50 cents is a fine price for them.

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One of my favorite caches that I hid is Electric Boardwalk.


It is currently an Altoids container, which is perfect for my chosen location. It's protected from the elements, and has lasted some time w/o incident. I have had the container fall into the swamp, but that's not an issue with the container!


I've come across several that were good hides, and some that stunk.

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Altoid tins make really crappy cache containers. They leak. They rust. They suck.


Why do people use them in the first place? Convenience? Laziness? Apathey? Ignorance? Lack of creativity?


Wow. Kinda rough, dontcha think?


To each his own, you know. Personally, I don't have any Altoid tins hidden, but I've hunted plenty. Some are pretty ingenious. None of them have "sucked".

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