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How Do You Ask For Permission To Place A Cache Without Sounding Like A Nutter?

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Granted, I've not thought about placing my own cache yet, but every time I see someone mention various certificates and letters and proof of permission from Landowners, I wonder how these people actually went about that. In my head, I am envisioning having to explain what the heck Geocaching is, followed by "why would you want to do that", "How do i know this isn't an excuse to plant a bomb/drug nest/underground lair", or "absolutely not and you're bonkers for thinking I'd say yes, go away or I'll call the police".


Am I missing something large here? Could it be that I'm overly cynical, and that TPTB-IRL do not regard the activity in such a harsh and critical manner?

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It's quite easy. You just say that you are from a small group of people unknown to the world at large that hide containers where only they can find them. Many of the containers are normally used for storing bullets. The main aim of the search is to write in a book. In addition the group has its own secret language, e.g FTF's, TNLNTFTC and there is a sect within the group that prefer to search for the objects in darkness. Many of the group search as single men who may appear suddenly from behind bushes. The objects are hidden just about everywhere, and there are hundreds of people in the UK searching obsessively for them, even the ones on roundabouts and in the shrubbery of motorway service stations.


I don't think that explanation should cause anyone too much concern.

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Better still, choose an existing permission for multiple caches on a major landowner site and simply follow the process; no explanation necessary.


There is a current list in the GAGB landowner agreements database, link in my sig below. If all goes well, we hope to be adding to this again in the near future.

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As a bureaucrat myself, I would say: go in to impress them. If you visit in person, wear a suit or other businesslike dress. Make it sound like they should be glad that this activity has finally hit their smelly backwater. Say something about tourism - the one time I had a question from a local mayor, I mentioned the 95 people we had at an event who ate in a restaurant in his village and took up all the rooms for a weekend, and he was all smiles at once.


In the first 45 seconds, or 100 words if you're writing, you have to simultaneously grab their interest and make them feel that this will not being them hassle. Otherwise, you will go into the "Too Hard" tray - all bureaucrats have one, between "In" and "Out". (The lower reaches of the "Too Hard" tray are subtitled "Accidentally Shred...")

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