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Garmin 60csx Maps


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Please excuse the newbie question, but I plan to purchase a 60csx in the next few days and have a Few questions concerning maps. Can I load a USGS 1:24,000 maps where can I get them that r compatiable? I have purchased the TOPO software from garmin and they are 1:100,000. What kind of detail can I load from the software?

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ie what does 1:24 give you that 1:100,000 does not?

Well...4 times the detail.

More like 16 since it goes as the square of the scale. I.e. at a scale of 1:100,000 a paper map that's 1' x 1' covers an area of about 19 miles x 19 miles. To cover that same area with maps using a 1:25K scale would use 16 maps that are each 1' x 1'.


But I find that the small screen size of handheld GPS receivers is more of a limiting factor than the scale and detail level of the topo maps. If I really need to examine the topographic detail carefully to pick the best off-trail route then it's much better to use a large printed map of the area. Even if the GPS has the detailed maps, its screen doesn't let me see enough of the landscape at a time to let me pick the best route.


The rest of the time (which is probably about 99% of the time), that printed map can stay in my pack since the less detailed 1:100,000 scale map in the GPS is sufficient to let me know that I'm still on course and to identify the main features of the landscape around me.


To Paul:

Your current copy of the Topo maps is fine for your new color GPS receiver and will display features with the appropriate colors just like it does on your PC screen.

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