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Geocaching In Thailand

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Howdy all,

I'll be visiting Thailand, around the Pattaya area, in the middle of April. Are there any basemaps for the area and how's the caching in the area. Thanks.



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Dear Rob,


There are free maps for the garmin units at http://mapcenter.cgpsmapper.com

Also Garmin is started making the City Select Thailand and it is on sell now. Please check for a dealer if you wish to buy.

As for the caches. There is not that much activity in the area but there are some new caches popping up in pattaya and there is someone busy starting things up here.

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I just spent a couple of weeks in Thailand and found a few caches. Urban micros in Bangkok can be hard as getting a GPS fix among the tall buildings is problematic. However there are several good traditional caches.

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The majority of the caches are in the Pattaya-Jomtien Area

Caches in Bangkok are very prone to muggling/difficult signal reception.

There are quite a few micros, generally placed where travel is easy, Skytrain etc, but again signal/muggle problems but the logs show a bit of ingenuity works.


A great place which is part of Bangkok is "Prapadaeng"..unbelievable oasis of peace and quiet across the river. See "Bare Bones II" for ferry co-ords


The Pattaya area is great for geocaching, great scenery, tough jungle/mountain caches, a good mix.


For advice on travelling around to get caches contact "Gerboa" or "Dunderhead" who have assisted visitors,


They are not selling anything, just keen people.


There are EXCELLENT MAP CD's of all Thailand and the visitor areas, they are bang up to date and allow search by lat/long and many other criteria.


The ZOOM brings extraordinary detail, they are only about $10 jnc high quality maps, from Good Bookshops or search "Thinknet"

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