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We Are So Lucky To Live In The South West

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i was born and brought up in london :lol::D which have a lot of caches but when i was in my late teens i moved to newton abbot and what a place in 5 mins you can be on dartmoor or you can be walking the south west coastal path are we so lucky or what :D:huh:;):D


Or you could be stuck in the crap road system trying to get onto the moors!!!(out of Newton abbot).

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I have the sea within 5 minute (in fact I can see the sea when at home ;) ) the countryside 5 minutes away. The hills are less than a hour away. But best of all no traffic problems apart from Tractors, unless you count Brunsrtum and his cameras :D


Dave :huh:

I was born in London and live here still, in contrast, I think the second or third cach I found was under a bridge under the M11, it was still so new to be very exciting though (Hope that didnt sound like an old sweat, as Ive only found 30 as it is). The way I see it, is obviously I will hunt and find the local caches to me, then (If not a bit sad and spotterish) I will plan the odd holiday/camping trip to come down to your neck of the woods to do a spot of caching. The question is would it be appealing enough for country folk to holiday here in the suburbs? which means potentially we have more caches available. Just playing devils advocate. I definately plan to go to Newquay in the summer as there look like some fantastic senic caches down there.


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i was born and brought up in london :lol::huh: which have a lot of caches but when i was in my late teens i moved to newton abbot and what a place in 5 mins you can be on dartmoor or you can be walking the south west coastal path are we so lucky or what :D:D:D:D


Definitely a nice part of the country, but I like where I am - about 25 miles South of London. I can easily go into London, down to Brighton or enjoy Britain's most wooded county. I seem also to be in a bit of a 'hot spot' for caches too. ;)

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We to love the southwest especially Cornwall, but "up here" has it's benefits for some of us. Being aircraft nuts, and Bren having worked all his life with aeroplanes, we like nothing better than sitting in the garden on a warm summer's day with the jts inbound to Heathrow screaming overhead - blinkin' magic!

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I love where I live....


I can be in Warrington, Liverpool or Chester in roughly 20 mins - 30 mins and I can be sunning myself on the Welsh beaches in 30 mins. Alternatively I could be in the Denbigshire Hills in 30 mins, or Snowdonia in an hour.


In fact, if I want to go to the beach all I have to do is be at my mum's and have a 10 mnute walk. Bliss....

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I reckon most people love where they live, don't they?!


Personally, I have a very confusing lifestyle, spending part of my time in Swansea, and part in Swanage, Dorset. In Swansea, we live right on the edge of Gower, but still only six miles from the city centre, so we have the best of both worlds.


However, Swanage will always be my 'real' home, hence the fact that we're moving back there permanently soon.


In terms of Geocaching, there are plently of caches in both locations, so we're pretty lucky. Also, Swansea and Swanage are both on the coast. I'd personally find it strange not to see the sea out of my window.

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nothing can be better than whitby in nth yorks beautiful seaside town plus moors surrounding all sides with fantastic views and a great view of whitby when you come in from all sides

if youve never been to whitby you dont know what your missing

in fact if your ever uphere give me a buzz and ill take you to some great caches and show you the scenery

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From where i am - 1 minute to Aldi, 90 seconds to Threshers, 10 minutes to Lidl and just 20 minutes walk to Wilkinsons. ..and... Mac donalds!

Using the 'quality' bus service, its just short of an hour to 'the mall' where a vast selection of consumerist type material - wot nots and doings can be browsed!


We have a selection of 'fine' beaches - the jewel in the crown being Severn beach - a concrete spotters dream - with nearby chemical works, bridges, and views over the mud to Wales.

Weston super Mare is only 18 miles away - best seen after a few pints - in the dark and with the tide in, on a warm summers evening.

Though fine caches even exist in such places!


Seriously though i reckon we are lucky to live in the South West!

We also have many green places and large tangles of woodland - hills and valleys - caves and underground places that love the limestone bed rock. An abundance of cider, oh the joy of cider!! :D - some wonderful architecture and towns and cities that are filled with creativity and thought.

We've many active cachers, and plenty of quality caches out there - with more being placed all the time.


So, yes, i consider myself fortunate to live in Bristol - in a part of the south west!

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