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The Pod-cacher Podcast

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The PodCacher podcast is recorded weekly by Sonny and Sandy in the US and covers many elements of Geocaching presented with a lighthearted way. It includes a sprinkling of musings, rants, raves and the odd opinion. You can have a look and a listen at http://www.podcacher.com .


I mention this as I foolishly suggested it would be interesting to have reports from around the world and have somehow been volunteered to record something for the UK. The idea is to make the UK report monthly, but we shall see how things go.


Do you have anything that you would like to tell the rest to the world in the podcast? It can be something we have discussed here, something that happened to you, congratulations to any cachers that have achieved a milestone or anything else.

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Great idea, but please let's try to make it more interesting than our American friends podcasts.

I listened to a few and got bored of listening to them telling me they were crossing roads and

lifting stones etc.

OK i know it's hard to come up with ideas but I'm sure we have a few cachers with more exciting experiences than that! :huh:


Being a media man Alistair i'm sure you know a few tricks to keep the interest level up. :lol:

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I'm an avid listener of their Podcast although I do admit it took quite a few shows for me to get used to their "style". Another great one is Icenry's Geocaching Videozine.


Getting back on topic, how about mentioning how we all got together on here and set up the Motorway Mayhem series. This could lead to cachers in other countries doing the same, which will make long journeys abroad more fun for us all :unsure:.

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