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Dangerous Caches

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Found a cache the other day which was in an area that I would consider dangerous to others.


Adjacent to the cache was an area strewn with litter probably enough to fill 2 skips including used nappys, doggy waste bags, needles and other evidence of drug use.


I reported the matter to the cache owner but he deleted my log !


The cache was described as being suitable for kids but I would disagree.


As a newbee I request your views

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If it is dangerous, than as McKryton said you should post a "Should be archived" and it will be sent to a reviewer so they can see the problem.


But don't forget everybody's perception of dangerous is different.




Wheres Moote. when you need him :)

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People have led us astray before, looking for opinions on here. It would help if you could post a link to your deleted log as well, this is provided with the email that you received telling you that it was deleted.


Bringing back on to subject, please do as HH wisely says.

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But don't forget everybody's perception of dangerous is different.


I agree with you totally.

We went to do a cache the other day and in my eyes it was dangerous, but in Bobs eyes it wasnt. I am terrified on steep drops, so much so it makes me feel very dizzy......well a lot more than I usually am :(.

For me it was dangerous but to him it was nowt. I think hes mad, he thinks Im soft :) :)



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I think we all forget about the Geocaching code, we should not intentionally mislead on a cache situation. I did a cache and got yards of coverage in these forums, what I should have done was quoted the Geocaching Code, which is the accepted code which the reviewers like us to adhere. This is just part of that code:


...Not endanger myself or others.

  • Like any outdoor activity, geocaching involves some inherent risk and many geocachers enjoy manageable risks. Minimize inordinate risks.
  • When creating a cache, describe any hidden dangers and, if possible, arrange the hunt to minimize these dangers.
  • When seeking a cache, know your limitations and be aware of your surroundings. Don't attempt anything beyond your abilities.
  • A cache you own, or one you're trading out of, could be found by children or even a prisoner work crew - consider the location of the cache and those likely to find it when deciding what to leave as a trade item.

And consider the Clayjar system to guide us on difficulty / terrain gradings


For people who are not aware of the code; the full code can be found here on the GAGB website


Edited Although the link is correct it actually leads you to the guideline page, look at the menu on the side and you will spot the link to the code.

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