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Just Finished My First Weekend Of Geocashing


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learnd about Geocashing from a guy on an airport shuttle bus. He was talking to someone else about how him and hid kids go out treasure hunting on the weekends. As the bus drove along he would point out the window to where some cashes he had found were hidden. That was about it for a week or two then While I was at the computer I rememberd him talking about a web sight. Got to hunting and found it right away. Skip two weeks into the future and you come to this weekend when my GPS was finaly here and ready to be tested. Found Six Cashes on my first day which was cool.


I think the best part about the sport is that now when I look around I see all the posible hiding places someone could have placed A cashe. Now I'm coming back to places I've been to before and looking them over differenly because I now know that they have a secret that they are hiding from everyone and that only people who know about the secret have a hope of finding it.


now that I'm hooked I'm going to try to find more of the one's near my home before I start moving on towards more adventurous locations.


Great way to spend a weekend...


Robot0_0 out-

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I just went out for the first time last night. Went with the friend who got me hooked. Was a little tough...my first one was a DNF, but we found 2 more after that one. Then we were heading to another site with 5 in close proximity. We pulled off the road to the trail access and the battery in his GPSr died...and no backups! Oh well, was a good first night. And, like Arnold, I"ll be back!



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