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What Made You Chhose You Avatar Image And Tagline?

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Some of the avatars on here are cool but did make me wonder how they came about?


For example mine came into being after lilo and stitch was released by disney, for anyone not in the know 'stitch' is an alien who comes to earth and befriends a girl called lilo. stitch is, shall we say, a tad mischevous at times (and hell bent on destrying earth) but is actually quite a pleasant little chap underneath it all. after watchng the film an american friend of mine commented i reminded her of stitch as i was a 'cute and fluffy implement of mass destruction'. i have adopted the tagline and avatar ever since as i found that quite funny


so how about you?


*edited to say please ignore the appalling spelling and grammar in the title, im actually fairly literate just awful at typing*

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I had to change mine from a cheshire cat when I moved back to Wirral.


As the move coincided with my splitting from my Other Half, I became a Little Miss!


A right little miss as well, Hazel.


with mine the image is a poster from the ealing? film starring Harry corbett which fits very well with my life style

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Fairly obvious if you know anything about Land Rovers. The vehicle in my avatar is my 33 year old Land Rover airportable (lightweight), designed for the military to be transported into theatre of operations either underslung from an helicopter or dropped out of a cargo 'plane attached to a parachute, (Ever seen the first Lara Croft Tomb Raider film where the Land Rover is kicked out of the C-130 Hercules?) hence the tagline :).

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Ours comes from an A3 caricature drawn a few years back at a social function in Germany. We have reduced the image and had it made into an ink stamp for use in logbooks.


Bicycling is our favoured means of transport for our cache hunts - in the summer when we do most of our caching (and cycling). We've cleared most of our local area, leaving a few around home for the coming warmer weather. To get further afield, we have to hoist the bikes onto the car and drive to a convenient supermarket and cycle off into the distance.

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Our avatar is a design of a robot 'Bongtwash' drawn by our daughter when she was about 5 - 6 and we didn't quite get round to building for Robot Wars.

? (1,6,3,1,4) is one of my favourite crossword clues, from The Telegraph about 25 years ago.

You'll Never Walk Alone...etc, something to do with a football team who wear red, but most of the time I do cache alone.

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