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Hike Of The Month 2006


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Current plan is to meet up at the trailhead for Big Mt Si with a decision to go/no go. Backup if a no go is to go to Little Mt Si.


I did just get off the phone with my brother and he said with the recent snow and hail in the area the Big Mt Si is blanketed again but he doesn't know by how much... He did suggest Rattle Snake Ridge as an alternative if the snow looks like too much a barrier.


Personally, I'm up for almost anything. I'm just trying to keep our out of town visitor in mind and not cause him to haul everything on the plane. If we can keep out of the snowline then that's the plan as I see it. If anybody has a different perspective or idea, please do pipe up.


Little Mt Si works as a good backup because the trailhead is closer. If there is a desire to go for a longer hike, then Rattlesnake Ridge makes for the more desirable hike and is still close enough not to be a hassle. In fact, we can probably do a couple shorties and do both the Little Mt Si and some of Rattlesnake Ridge if that is the consensus.

I could suggest Boulder River, there's no snow and it's only about 8 miles RT. It's a bit of a drive though.

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Boulder River is another good hike. Very easy and with moderate inclines.


Little Mt Si... I want to say it's about 3.5 miles RT, but I'm talking out my hat till I get home and look at the track data again. This can be done fairly quickly depending on your speed. As I mentioned above, there was one part that needed a little oompf, and I don't know if that was repaired or not. It took me a half day at my slow speed to get in and out. I'll update this info when I get home sometime tonight.

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Ok based on the lack of a response, I'm starting with Little Si. Big Mt Si sounds too hazardous to try without appropriate gear such as snowshoes. I will be there by 8AM with a buddy of mine and maybe my brother. I'll be on the trail about 15-20 minutes after that. Look for a white jeep with the Taz Devil on the tailgate and a geocaching.com trailer hitch cover. I'll be on FRS 02.


I'll try to work out Jester's new puzzle cache but I'll be honest and say I can use a little nudge.


Based on local trail conditions, the geopup will not be attending. I don't need her tugging at me while I'm trying to maintain my balance in possible slippery conditions. She will be with me on Saturday at the Spring Fling though.


Trailhead coordinates are N 47° 29.208', W 121° 45.205'. Parking can handle about 20 cars.


Hope to see some folks there!

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LIttle Si is a 5 mile RT with about 1200' elevation gain. I used to do it in just over 2 hours with a 60 pound pack (training) - but the trail is different now, easier at the start but a little longer I think.


If you do Little Si, make sure you solve Shelob's Lair (GCTYYF) before you leave...

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LIttle Si is a 5 mile RT with about 1200' elevation gain. I used to do it in just over 2 hours with a 60 pound pack (training) - but the trail is different now, easier at the start but a little longer I think.


If you do Little Si, make sure you solve Shelob's Lair (GCTYYF) before you leave...


Have it solved :unsure: Helps that I have a set :rolleyes:

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LIttle Si is a 5 mile RT with about 1200' elevation gain. I used to do it in just over 2 hours with a 60 pound pack (training) - but the trail is different now, easier at the start but a little longer I think.


If you do Little Si, make sure you solve Shelob's Lair (GCTYYF) before you leave...


Your hide was clever but Little Blue made short work of it.


The trail still comes out to 3.5 miles on my GPS after deleting the high speed wild swings and the wandering track while sitting at one spot.


That was a great hike and the weather was awesome! I'm only sorry I couldn't continue on with the next impromptu cache hunt due to my leg giving out.


The party consisted of The Leprechauns, andrewrj, Little Blue and myself. Thanks for being there y'all! I had a blast!


Which brings me to Big Si. there is a tad bit of snow left at the top. It's ready for a hike.

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Sounds good to me! I'd rather keep it on Saturday to give me the next two days to recoup. :laughing:


Still trying to make it for Saturday morning, and I like the idea of having 2 days to recover.


What can we expect of this hike, from anyone who has done it? Which caches to cover? And more importantly, what is the go-nogo decision and when will we make it?



Poppa J

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My No Go decision will be based on lightening in the local area when I'm eating breakfast at my brother's house 3 miles from the trailhead. I'll set up a bookmark tonight of the caches that are on the trail. I tracked the trail on the USGS map as no more than 14 miles if we walk the loop with some backtrack if Kamikaze is still closed, and no ferrying between trailheads. The trailheads are about a mile apart so the walk along the road won't be all bad.


As an aside, I'll likely fall back almost immediately to walk with my brother and his young kids on the first mile or so. We'll keep in touch by radio.

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Might not make it on Saturday. It may be our only day to celebrate our 26th aniversary. Monday I already have a comitment. Sunday I think is open, but schedule as you will. I'll just show up if I can.


Opps, got my days mixed up. Sunday I have a commitment. Monday I think is free.

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That would imply pre-planning and assume a general consensus would be okay with the suggestion. I merely put out the suggestion of location first. Then if everyone is agreed, I'll do the work to put up a bookmark... when I have the time.


Thanks for the suggestion though! :laughing:

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Unless a freak storm comes through, there might be patches of snow on the mountain. According the latest logs, none was photo'd or reported. I didn't see anything but minor patches when on Little Si last month.


Fwiw, I just confirmed with my little brother I'm picking him up tomorrow morning rain or shine.


Well looks like rain, hopefully it stops later since I will still be going.

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Hooboy! I'm sore in every joint from my hips down.


We were off by our map reading as well, but not by much. We were on that 4WD road we thought we passed up. It turns out had we gone over that log we would have taken the high road towards Teneriffe, which was my original intent. Had we followed that 4WD, then the only way out in a hurry would have been down the ravine to the right and it would have brought back nightmares from last May. :laughing:


At any rate, the track cleanup is complete and I logged that as 9 miles with some locations having 2D reception and a big signal echo at that rock face we were looking at.


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We've been wanting to try Colonel Bob for a long time. Our plan this year was to get in some warm-up hikes and attempt the Colonel in August. Unfortunately, our hiking plans have been put on hold this summer. I (the Mrs) decided it would be fun to break my ankle on Memorial Day weekend.


It was a doozy! We were bike riding on the north shore of Lake Crescent when it happened. Wouldn't you know it, on the flattest area of the trail, I stopped my bike, put my foot on the ground, and must've stepped on a root because the next thing I know I'm looking at my foot from a whole new angle. :blink: After my husband and our friends got me splinted up, they realized that there was no way they'd be able to get me out of there by themselves. They called the Olympic Park rangers who showed up by boat, but quickly decided it was too risky to try to get me down the hillside to the water. They carried me for 2 miles back to the trailhead. They were fantastic! What a great group of people, I just wish we didn't have to meet them under such horrible circumstances. Anyway, the verdict was 2 broken bones, surgery, 9 pins and a plate. Ugh!


Anyway, if you guys go after the Colonel - have fun! Maybe next year. . .

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If you are looking for Ideas:


1. A Hike up the Galena - Mineral City trail north of Index. Four caches on the hike and a lot more in the area. About four miles one way with some elevation gain.


2. A Hike or Bike from Barlow to Monte Cristo. Several great caches on the route including one of the four oldest in the state. Four Miles one way.

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