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Middle Tennessee Mystery Cache


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when i first began i found a cache right beside "paper or plastic?" in a light pole. it was a film can. it has a few signatures in it, but no title. Ive searched all over the groups for it, but i cannot find it on there. Was this a forgotten cache?




N 35 51.271


W 86 25.890


thanks for the help. I would have just posted this on the middle tennessee group board, but my membership hasnt been activated yet i guess.

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huh, thats weird. i signed it back in february. there were a few signatures before me. i went back a few days ago to get the coordinates and check and realized no one had found it after my friends and i did. there were some waypoint numbers on it, but it was wet and they ran together.

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Occasionally, there are cachers who, if they can't find a cache within a few seconds, simply plop down a "replacement" container of their own in what they think is the correct spot. I've seen it more than once in the Nashville area, so this may be the case here. Maybe someone who tried to find the Paper or Plastic cache didn't read the description, assumed it was a micro in a light pole that had gone missing, and put out the film can (btw, please don't do this "service" without checking with the cache owner first to make sure it's really missing, as it leads to confusion).

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