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Where To Get My Gps Repaired

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It doesn't sound to me like your GPS is broken. You almost never get it "exactly" to the waypoint because there is a degree of error in any consumer GPS. Even with WAAS it will usually say you are still a few feet off, the best I have ever had it say is I was 3 ft. from the cache (and ironically, I was actually 50 ft. from the cache, when I got to the cache it said I was 36 ft. from it LOL!)


But if you really feel it needs repair, you best bet is to call Garmin support and they will tell you what to do (most likely you'd send it to them). Good luck!

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Most likely there is nothing wrong with your GPS. GPS units do not need calibration, they are simply calculators. There's nothing to calibrate.


What's happening is that either you have some setting which doesn't jive with GC.com, or the GPS is acting normally but your expectations are too high.


Can you give us some more details about what it does? When you say you are way off... give us a number. Are you miles off? A couple hundred yards? A few dozen feet?


What "waypoints" is it way off? Geocaches? Your own waypoints that you marked and then subsequently tried to return to?



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