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4 Out Of 5 Are Missing :(


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4 out of 5 of my Travel Bugs are missing.


My last and most widely traveled bug is now missing in England. Only my most recent bug is still alive and well. A few of the caches they have been in have been deactivated or lost, some have been ransacked or plundered, others have simply gone missing.


Is there a trick to keeping your bug active? What can I do to ensure they have long lives? If I attach special instructions to my bug with that help?


Any advice would be appreciated. I am especially disappointed about loosing my C&CBug2 in England. :huh: What is a father it do?

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Well let's take these one at a time.


C&C Bug 1


Cache destroyed (although I don't understand the invisible TB comments).


C&C Bug 2


Cache destroyed


C&C Bug 3


Taken but not logged.


(So far I'd say you need to keep your bugs out of caches)


C&C Bug 4


Taken but not logged. (A little late now but I would have been talking to craigstine last year)


C&C Bug 5


Last comments (I am always a little reluctant to pick up a TB with nothing on it hinting where it wants to go, for fear to frustrating a mission)


Okay, first of all I don't see any photos. How are you releasing bugs? Are the items strong and sturdy? Do you tie them to the tag with the little chain or something stronger like a key ring? Do you include an instruction tag or sheet stating that it is a Travel Bug?


I like to release bugs that aren't too pretty and are clearly mark for traveling with direct instructions (even if they don't have a goal.)

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I will admit that I have not attached an individual instruction sheet to each, but I don't think that would have made any difference. " Ransacked and missing" is not a matter of semantics. Most of my bugs were attached to a rubber lizard from the Dollar Store.


I think that BlueDeuce is saying that my bugs are slightly misguided but very unlucky. :(


What can be done to help my next generation? ;)

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What can be done to help my next generation? :lol:


I would add a laminated goal tag to the bug. (You can get the self-laminating tags in the luggage section of your local stuffmart)


Whether or not it has a specific goal at least people will know better what it is. Having people know it's a TB is a good thing.


I also think people take better care of bugs that are more interesting than a 'move from cache to cache' bug.


Bugs that encourage cacher involvement beyond grabbing and dropping is also much more interesting for the owner.

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