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I have two cousin's I was very close to that's passed away. I'm going to purchase 2 TBs (one each, of course) and send them out with a Mission. With them I'm going to include what that Mission is, and that it is in Memory of said cousin. I also want to include a log book for one of them, for those who will to sign and put some thoughts in it. It will be given to my cousin's young daughter once I get it back home.....

Also would it be inappropriate to ask that once it's met its goal to contact me so I can send them a postage paid envelope to send it back to me? I'd much rather do this if it is okay. To better insure it of getting home. My aunt (mom of the cousin) thinks it's a wonder thing to do for my little cousin, and I want to be sure I can give it to her.

Thanks for any and all ideas, comments.


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Go right ahead. Make sure it stays in a good strong plastic baggie.


Sorry to hear about your loss.


Thank you. I really think the one I'm doing for my cousin that I'm going to give to his daughter would be a good momento. She was only four when he passed.

I've been trying to think of a "mission" for a TB for a while now. I even went as far as reading about (close to) 2500 or so lol..... Yes I have alot of time on my hands some days lol.


The other one I'm going to either keep or give it to my Aunt and Uncle.

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Wonderful idea. Make sure they come south to Georgia so I can move them along :) .


There's nothing wrong at all with asking the finder once the TB reaches its goal to contact you so you can ensure its safe return through the mail.


Thank you. I'm hoping they will make it all over, but diffenantly want to be sure the one for my cousin Jay (the one I'll be giving to the daughter) makes it to Cali and Org. Two of his favorite places. My other one only distination is going to be Cheyene Wyoming (probablly spelled that wrong?). My cousin Justin was in the Rodeo and rode in a lot of them. I'm wanting it to hit as many states, but then want it to be sure to make it there as well.


As I've said, I've read about ALOT of TBs. So far I hadn't seen one this idea. I could be wrong, there's MANY out there lol. Thanks for the reply.



funny thing when i checked earlier i only seen one reply lol and this one is before the other.

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