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Anniversary Cache

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I want to hide a cache and have my wife find it . It would be especially nice for her. How would I go about having a cache approved and placed exactly on our anniversary? (maybe placed late at night so I could get her to the cache first thing). We wouldn't claim FTF but just post a note for all to see that we were there. :unsure:

I believe that you can ask the reviewer to delay the posting of your cache to a specific date.

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I would ask that it get approved the day after your anniversary. You can still print the cache page before approval. Depending on where you live there could be one or two FTF hounds out there that could get it before you. Depending on what you plan to put into it, do you want someone else to claim that FTF prize?

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This log is from the Be My Valentine? cache GCTAJ5.


This is the wife of the cacher who hid the cache. I'll bet he was hoping she would hurry up and go find the cache! I don't know if I'd be as brave as he was.



February 4 by Mc5 (827 found)

FTL! (I missed FTF by mere minutes!) Jeo told me "Hurry up honey - there's a new cache you're really gonna like" so I looked at the page, got the coords, looked for "valentine" rocks to trade, grabbed my coat and was out the door. Quickly got to the cache site but had to wait a long time for muggles to leave. Then I went for the cache and there were 2 tins hidden - so I grabbed them both and got back in the (warm) car to check them out and sign the log. The little one was labeled "For Mc5"!! (so now I know why he was hurrying me up) Inside, DIAMOND EARRINGS! I was feeling pretty confident when I opened the other one to sign the log, and what did I see there at the top - Trakd was here already! (the cache had only been approved for a few minutes!!!!) So I signed the log, left a few valentiny things and some girly rocks, took DIAMOND EARRINGS. Thanx for the cache, Jeo!

[view this log on a separate page]

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As long as your post is on or after the hidden date, you can post it electronically, even if the cache is published/approved after your post.


In other words, submit your cache for approval after your anniversary, but when you do, make sure the hidden date of the cache is on or before your anniversary. After she makes the find, you can submit it for approval.


Here is an example: I was with the owner when she hid this cache over the weekend. I made the "beta" find the next day (a Saturday). We were on an event campout, so she didn't submit it for approval until Monday. Once the cache was published/approved, I went in and logged my find before the published date, but after the date hidden by the cacher.

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