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Swe: G.c. Fun In Göteborg.

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Well I don't have that much action to report but the geocaching season is coming sooooon, may this long winter come to an end so we can get out digging to up plastic boxes! *phun intended =)


My favorite geocache/geocaches in the Göteborg area so far is the Gbg_high multi caches, there are a lot of nice hills in town and it leads you to some you didn't know you needed to visit.


I can't decide wich is _the_ worst cache I've found but two have been "interesting".

First one is the cache placed above the Tingstadstunneln on the Hisingen side. The cache actually is quite interesting but it's noisy, dirty, bad air, bad water, bad everything. Try it, then write to the local office to clean up the place!

Sencond one is the "Fornborg 3". My bad experience here is because of the direction I came from, the cache itself is quite nice. I traced it from north-east, coming through a industrial area ("Aröd industriområde" I think it's called). This way you get a bad start and when entering the forrest area you pass more or less an unofficial dump, then going up a very steep hillside all littered with broken glass pieces. Take my word for it an go from the south-west direction if you aim for this one...


Looking forward to hearing from you people out there and keep on cacheing in!

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