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Special 200 ?

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How many have you got left to do? Check out the 'Watcher Gives' series by Bekandian, that's three caches plus a bonus with views over Dunstable Downs, or Andybug and Ladybirds 'Universally Challenged' of 9 caches plus bonus. That is a very nice walk. If you want a single cache, try TDWs 'Any Port in a Storm' which is also a very nice walk through the trees of Ashridge.


As you are in Dunstable, don't forget to look up top 10 caches in Bucks and Herts too. You have the same problem as me in that you are right on the border of three counties. On the plus side, we are spoiled for choice of caches round here!!

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greetings fellow Dunstablians .... actually we're just outside Dunstable these days but still class ourselves as Dunstablians!! :D:blink:


Mission Impossible would get our vote as special and a good challenge (... we've yet to do it but have had some insider info on it!!) or for something a little different try the The Chicksands Challenge series.


Enjoy whatever you get up to, as Ali says we're spolit for choice of caches round here! :D

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