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Coordinates On Pedistrian Overcrossing

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Hi everyone,

I've found 175 caches, and now I think I'm ready to hide one. I would like to do a 2 part multi with the coords for the cache on a pedestrian overcrossing. I would put a sticker somewhere in the middle of the overpass. This is just for foot traffic, but it does go over the interstate. It is a fun place to stand and watch the traffic below. I did a search and didn't see this particular question.

Thanks in advance,

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A pedestrian overpass, unlike a highway road bridge, is generally regarded by geocachers as an OK spot because it's a place where people are expected to be seen. But please be sure that any sticker that you place as a clue is easily removable. That's because of the listing guideline about not defacing property in order to provide a clue or a logging method. A good alternative is a refrigerator magnet.

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Thanks, that will work even better! I've seen clear stickers with bar codes on them and the lat long numbers underneath. They sure look professional (like they are supposed to be there) and I was wondering how I was going to make that. This will be SO much easier!


Now, to do the camo for stage 2.



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A friend of ours has a cache that uses a flexible magnetic square to hold some information to a metal post. Works great in warm weather, but in cold weather the plastic gets brittle and the magnet straightens out and doesn't stick flat to the metal like it ought to.


Anyone know a brand of material that stays flexible in all weather?

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