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When Will Garmin's V2.62 For 60cx/60csx Be "non-beta"?

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A beta version means that they have not been able to test all of the functions thoroughly in the field, so they allow us to try the version and report any problems that we have. A normal one has been tested and appears to work very well (although there could be some possible problems encountered by a few users).

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What type of bugs?

I'll list a couple off the top of my head that I sent in:


1) When I navigate to a waypoint by entering Go To (and then follow road in this instance) it takes me beautifully along with my City Select v.7 mapping. When I then select Stop Navigating, to return to the normal Waypoint page, the distance and bearing to the waypoint freezes, and will not change as I move toward or away the target waypoint.


If I then switch to the Map page, I DO see the distance and bearing change in the upper right corner of the screen. I have tried the QUIT function by pressing it many times to back out of the various screens to clear this with no luck. The only way I can get the the distance and bearing to function again on the Waypoint is to shut off my unit, and restart it. I can repeat this problem every time.


2) Another possible bug is when I first turn on my 60CX. When it searches for SVs it takes quite a long time to intilialize since the update to the beta version. It used to be lightning fast in acquiring SVs. If I reboot my unit it sometimes will acquire SVs relatively quickly.


3) When I use my unit indoors and tell it to "Use with GPS OFF", it constantly attempts to acquired SVs. At first I will get the screen showing "GPS is OFF", but it will keep retrying to connect.


4) I have been using the Custom POI Loader (which I love!) to create and load personal custom POIs in both .gpx and .csv format. Since upgrading to the beta version, I can now only see my POIs if at a zoom level of 300 feet or less. Before I could see them at a zoom level of 800 feet, or less.


5) Also, with the beta version, I can NOT hover over a custom POI to have it identified. Before udgrading to beta, I could ID any of my custom POIs when hovering over each.


I emailed Garmin with these and some more (which slips my mind) to their beta reporting link.

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Thanks for the answer NEO GEO. I don't think I will download the BETA version at all.

Depending on the application, trying any software BETA version can be a bit risky however in the case of a recreational hand-held GPSr, there really isn't any risk at all particularly since most reported bugs seem to be minor. Garmin always has the previous version available for download in case a bug is serious enough to disable the normal use of the unit.

Now if you were planning an extended trip with no access to a PC then thats a different story. ;)


Cheers, Olar

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