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Category Management Tools

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Please point me to the proper location if this has already been discussed.


Will there be some additional management tools in the next release?


* I would like a way to track the waymarks that are missing info. ("pending" or "needs changes"?)

* I would like a way to send a message to the waymark owner with the accepted/denied/pending determination (& track the messages to retain an audit trail)


For example, my category requires pictures. I have two waymarks that currently do not have them - one was autoapproved and one is still sitting in the needs approval category. I've sent emails requesting pictures & don't want to completely kick out the waymark until I give them a chance to finish it. (I also have one that was autoapproved with a typo in the hours of operation in the same situation.) Right now, I'm keeping a separate spreadsheet with the date I sent the email & some notes but that is cumbersome & will quickly become a nightmare.


I'm currently sending emails through the waymark owner's profile. It's a bit difficult because I have to remember to open a new session to do it so I can see the waymark information to add to the email so they know what I'm referencing. I'd really like to send something along with the "accepted" message rather than in a separate message.


If I could tag the waymark as a different status & the owner could see their list of waymarks that need something else prior to approval it would really help.


I'm guessing that a lot of this will come with the group management updates, right? Please?



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