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I Need Help.

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I have a few caches nearby that I am having a small problem with. :rolleyes: They require answers to physics problems and I am clueless as to what to do. I have looked online for help and that only confused me further. No one I have asked knows how to do them and I really want to find these caches. I thought about asking someone in the forums to help me solve them, but am not sure if that is proper to do. Do I ask the cache owners for help? Any input would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Here's all I remember about physics from college:


1) F=ma


2) An object at rest tends to stay at rest, an object in motion tends to stay in motion.


3) Neglect friction.


Does any of that help? :rolleyes:


The real answer to your question is that it's ok to ask the cache owner for some help, but it's generally considered bad form to ask for hints in the forums.


But I'd definately try the "F=ma" thing.

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I solved my problem with Puzzle caches by excluding them from my Pocket Queries . . . :rolleyes:


I would send an email to the cache owner. They should be happy to give you a nudge, and will be pleased to know someone is working on them. :blink:

Oh good I'm not the only one or find a caching buddy that is good at puzzles and go with them.

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Is it really such bad form to ask for help :unsure: - when the cache is not identified - then all that's happening is answers to random physics questions.


microtaz - you could always post your questions on an overseas section of the forum :laughing:


For my puzzle caches I don't like when anyone else provides the answer to anyone else. The point of a puzzle cache is the mental exercise, not just a find.


I will provide a hint or a bit of direction to anyone who has not found the path to solving one of mine. Some times the "physics problem" will really be a simpler question with all the answers on the cache listing--if you know where to look. On one of mine you just have to look at the background image. :)


If someone emails and explains what they have tried and how far they have gotten, I don't mind giving them the final piece to a puzzle. The mental exercise is supposed to be the fun part--not a source of frustration.


I expect that if you email the owner and explain your situation, they will be happy to help you learn how to solve their puzzles.



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