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Hamgran and I are trying to make the decision whether or not to plan a second Harvestfest event (in Ingersoll ON). We would make some changes, now that we realize we were far too ambitious in planning the first one! So, I guess we're looking for some sort of either encouragement or dissuasion from the masses. Opinions? Anything you thought really sucked? Anything you think we could improve? Anything you thought was great? (Anyone else want to host it instead? :rolleyes: )

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Hello to Knitter and Hamgram,

I for one was blown away by all the effort you put into the last Harvestfest! I still have my magnet on my fridge and it's one of the first things people see when they come in the house. Guaranteed to get a reaction! (okay the pink flamingos also draw some comments) :D


I enjoyed meeting a group of people that I wouldn't otherwise meet due to distance issues or other reasons.


Despite the weather (and the fact that our driver walked off the boardwalk and we almost lost her in a bog) we had a great time in your area. I love caching in Ingersoll/Woodstock/London and another excuse to come out that way is fine by me.


I'm not much of an host of events - my pub night was just that. No frills, no thrills and no special caches. It was done solely for the chance for people to cache in a new area (and not one of my caches was done that day). Sometimes I feel that people back off from hosting because they feel the expectations are too large. I feel that if it's a pub night then it's to meet and greet some new cachers and to rib some seasoned ones. No expectations of a big multi-cache event type of thing.


Your Harvestfest was more of an event than a pub night though. Rather than a huge apres-dark Amazing Race type of thing how about just a pubnight and if you needed to add something then keep it simpler and do an icebreaker or something at the venue.


Hopefully I'll get Hamgram back her sunglasses before then!


Thanks to both of you for all your hard work and fabulous caches. Let us know what you decide so we know whether to hold off and let the caches build up for an event/pub night or not (although DN Stephen's Tour of Woodstock has been on a list for a long, long time now!)

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I'm with Annie on this one. Thoroughly enjoyed last years event and appreciated all the effort that went into organizing it but would be quite happy to come to something simple. I like informal events where you have the opportunity to meet local cachers that you rarely run across on the trails and swap stories. If there are a few new caches out in the area all the better but I don't need a marathon treasure hunt to have a good time.


The London/Ingersoll/Woodstock area is a great one to hold an event - nice and central for those of us in SW Ontario (and Michigan)

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Add my voice to the people that will happily show up for a simple meet-n-greet pub event, depending on the date the event is held.


Our group opted out of the marathon geocaching adventure and instead hit a few local caches before heading back. The pub itself was an absolute blast, although I'll be getting there earlier than last year's as the parking started to become an issue for us latecomers. I really enjoyed meeting some of the geocachers, particularly from SW Ontario and Michigan that attended last year's pub, and don't normally frequent the Toronto area pubs.


Please host another pub :laughing:

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While some may dispute this... I too like the simple "Meet and Greet". Sure I've held four events, but like Start Trek does, I toggle...


The first was a simple affair - show up here at this time

The second was a full day thing - come for the optional tour, or just the restaurant

The third was a simple affair - show up here at this time

The fourth was a full two days thing - optional road rally, or just the restaurant


I like both...


Dave and Jen's Event in Norval was great to do the poker run...

But I've gone to events and planned my own day too... or just came for the restaurant only.


I missed your event last year, hope I don;t this year... it inspires me to explore strange new areas, to seek out new caches and new caching idea... to log finds I've never logged before {cue music}


:rolleyes: The Blue Quasar

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We finally bit the bullet :P and booked the same venue for Harvestfest this year (they're expanding their outdoor patio - there's LOTS more room). August 26th, so mark your calendars. We're going to simplify things, and hope to get happily overrun again. Keep an eye out - the event page will be up soon! :ph34r:

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