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Newbie With Garmin Etrex Yellow Needs Help...!

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Very new to all this, (only received my Etrex Yellow yesterday...!)


I want to go caching but don't know how to input co-ords of a cache into my Etrex Yellow. I have read the manual, but can't see anything in there, unless I am meant to enter a waypoint and then edit the co-ords manually...?


Do I need a cable to download co-ords off the web? Or is there an easy way to input co-ords manually?


I found the database of caches so I have the info, just need to know how to get it into the yeller.


Thanks for any help in advance.


Jim :lol:

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You do enter a waypoint where you are and then edit the coords to the numbers you need. Then you can edit the number to the name that makes most sense to you.


You can get a computer cable for that GPSr and downloading the coords is a lot more reliable than inputting the coords manually . . . ask me how I know. :lol:


Fortunately I didn't drive the 12 miles to that wrong location.

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I just got an Etrex last week and have gone through what you are trying to do.


1. turn on unit and let it boot up


2. punch the page button (upper right) until you get the Menu


3. Select Mark with the lower left hand key


4. You will get a screen that you can enter the lat/long and name the waypoint.


5. Scroll up and down with the two upper left keys to choose the data you want to change


6. Select OK to save


7. Push the page button to back out to the menu page


For a cable go on Ebay and search for Etrex. You will find some cables. Get one that is both a data cable and also plugs into a cigarette lighter for power. Cost me about $16 including shipping. A bargin compared to the Garmin ones!

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