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Green & Yellow Sheridan Co., Ks Cache Geocoin


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The prototype above is of the coin that is currently in production. The estimated delivery date is the first week of April 2006, so the coins should be shipped by the end of that week. 600 coins are being minted in brass with both sides in full relief. The coin is trackable on geocaching.com with a custom icon. The tracking numbers will be laser engraved.


The front of the coin features a John Deere combine harvesting a Kansas field. The coin is produced to celebrate the 1st geocache in Sheridan Co., Kansas which is named Green and Yellow Cache. The coordinates of the cache's location is listed on the coin.


The reverse features an adapted scene from an illustration from the original Wizard of Oz book. This time, Dorothy is seen holding an ammo box and gps. The yellow bands around the coin represent the yellow brick road and says "Dorothy, You made me hike 3 miles and all we got was a broken McToy", sighed Scarecrow.


Each coin is $10.00 including shipping. The coin can be ordered at CoinTracking

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Aha, another KSWader cache that I got to do while on the Kansas/Mingo with Contryguy and Still Searching. Except the cache title used the & symbol instead of the word "and".


I will have to decide whether to join another site though to buy a coin. I have tried to avoid that.

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I brought this coin recently but have no idea where I can get the activation code from. Can any one help me so I can activate this coin. Thanks in advance.


I found a coin named Sheridan in geocoin club activation code list. Maybe that's it

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