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Category Proposal: Antebellum Plantations

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Category Proposal: Southern Antebellum Plantations


I am currently putting together a mangagement group for this category. (four members in the group so far)


These were the large landowner homes in pre-Civil War South. Situated on large tracts of agricultural land, all that remains now are a diminishing number of these once magnificent homes. Some of these homes have been maintained and even fully restored while others are sadly slipping into oblivion.


It is my intent to document all known and little known Antebellum (pre-Civil War) plantations as Waymarks.


Category Waymark information sought:

GPS Location of the Plantation.

City, State Location

Name of Plantation

Year Built (if available)

Photo of Plantation and any nearby historical markers/plaques

Name of any historical society managing the plantation

Notes of any historical significance or notoriety (if available)

Web link (if available)

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