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Southside Gang Challenge Event Coin

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The Southside Gang Challenge Event Geocoin is minted and available for sale. 300 out of the 400 regular antique gold coins are selling for $8.50 plus S/H. 75 out of the 100 antiqued nickel LE coins will be sold at the event for $9.50 limited one per cacher. The coins are trackable and have an icon. To activate your coins visit www.coincodes.com for code retrieval and to view the icon. These coins are also sequentially numbered.



Size of the coin is 1.75 with 3D artwork and 6 colors.


To place a request for coins email CoinsFromLZ33@aol.com with “coin request” in the subject line and the following in the text.


PayPal address


Email address




Full Name

Mailing Address

City, State, Zip


Number of coins wanted


After I receive your request I will send you a PayPal invoice. Payment must be made with in 3 days. After your payment is received your order will be processed and mailed.



1 – 3 coins $2.50

4 – 7 coins $3.50


8 or more coins, and international requests will be handled on an individual basis.

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The LE’s will be on a first come basis and sold at the event. If you want to pick up the regular coins at the event I will hold them for you after they have been paid for.

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I'm glad I saw this... I've got to get up there to do this one very soon....

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Having a love for western type artwork, I really appreciated our coin group being able to buy these. THEY ARE AWESOME!! Thank you very much... :D

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Received my coin in the mail, its very nice! Where do I go to activate it though?

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There were some LE coins left over so now they are for sale to everyone.


Price: $9.50 each

Shipping: US and Canada -- $2.00/$0.30 add'l; International -- $3.00/$0.90 add'l

The coins will ship the next business day after payment is received.


If you want some please send an email to southsidechallengeLEcoins@gmail.com


Please include the following in your email:





PayPal email:

# wanted:

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:D There are still some LE available. Get them while they are hot! :grin:


See above post for ordering information. :)

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