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Rio Caches?


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I'm coming to Brazil soon, and have not been able to locate any caches in Rio. they all seem to be in Brasilia and Sao Paulo, but i could have missed some.

If there are caches in Rio or Salvador or Recife, can someone please let me know which ones they are?



I know this is an old topic, and this trip is likely WAY OVER but; there are about older 6 caches in Rio that seem to still be alive, and there are two or three of us now actively placing caches around the city... SO if you are coming down for Carnivale, or coming anytime to the City Marvolosa - you'll be able get your "caching fix" in while in on of the more beautiful cities in the world!


- Savoy

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Dude...you better look on the Brazilian Geocache website....

Most the Brazilians don't look the threads here....Take a look at the

other one...I wish more Brazilians would look here to share more

caches adventures and Ideas but , looks like people there have better

things to do....I wish I was back in Rio to promote Geocaching ....

Good luck !

M.TEX ( Brazilian from Botafogo RJ )

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Im sure other people from here and around the World would like to know what's going on in Brazil...



If you will have some doubt you can order a private message to me, Im bringing up to date daily the control of the National Rank of the practitioners in the Brasil.

in the Orkut.

Day 03 of April will happen the first Event of the practitioners in the city of São Paulo.

Some doubt orders pra me.

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