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Ok, this may just be shot in the dark, but hey, since all geocaching people are nice and friendly, we thought we just check to see if there are any Cachers that stay in the vicinity between George and PE that might have either a room or perhaps a garden for us to stay a night or two :rolleyes: . We are planning a caching holiday down to the coast, and are keen to try keep the costs down. We will have a tent with us, so even if someone knows of some cheapish camping sites in that area, we would appreciate it. We will be down there from the 20th March to the 23rd March. Ok... that's all... Charlie from QFC :unsure:

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sadly i don;t, but i do think that geocaching is a good way to have a relatively accomodation charge free holiday.

After being put up for a night in both Durbs and JHB, and an offer pending in Nelspruit, i plan to base all my holidays around free geocaching accomodation :rolleyes:

So if anyone is desparate for a place to stay in CT, let me know (provided you don;t mind sleeping on the floor of the lounge :unsure:

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Just to add to the shot in the dark....


We have confirmed that we will probably be staying in Graaf Reinett, Outshoor, Wilderness and Plet on the way to PE, so should anyone have suggestible camping sites/ cheap B&B's/ any place to stay and or eat, please let us know.


Also if anyone has inside info on the caches in those parts, let us know.

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We are also quite keen to create an event cache in, or possibly near, PE, but we don't know if there are actually enough cachers in the area to attend. Only cacher I know of that's in PE is Perdix. Is there a chance anyone will be in the area on the weekend of the 24th March?

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Well, I'm heading to Graaff-Reinet / Nieu Bethesda this weekend - have not booked accomodation yet, but it looks as though we will be booking into Groenvlei, Doornberg or Ganora.


If you get a reply of alternative (cacher / cash friendly accomodation) then please do share if appropriate.


When will you be in Graaff-Reinet? If before this weekend, then any TB racers dropped of there, I can take to PE to place in the pitstop there.


OK here is a list of places we have stayed in, in or close to the areas you mention. Some places we have not been to in a while, but all were reasonable (read budget) when we stayed there:


Oudtshoorn - Kleinplasie (bear in mind it is almost KKNK time - this could count against you)

Die Hel - Cape Nature have great cottages in Die Hel (Swartberge) there is also a 2 caches there - but not that close to Oudshoorn

Wildernis - Also see Cape Nature's website and there are a couple of budget self catering units - the names escape me, also try Victoria Bay - which is very close by and has a cache, also The Island camp site close to Swartvlei - in the vicinity. The Protea Hotel in Wildernis also sometimes have special rates

Plet - try the Avontura at Keurbooms, or a place called Moonriver. Also try Keurbooms camp sites, have not stayed there, but have visited friends who stayed there and seemed OK.


Disclaimer: None of this info has been checked for up to date accurateness, but we have stayed at all of the above in the last decade:)

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Theres a great place on the beach a few kms before knysna (from CT side) can;t recall the name, but you should pick up a free copy of the Garden route backpackers guide for info.


I once stayed at Stanley island backpackers. that is real close to the avontura on Keurbooms river mentioned above, on an island in the river.


What you could also do, is rent canoes from the Avontura, and canoe up the river for an hour or so. there is a little cottage there that you could spend the night - a great thing to do.

I was going to hide a cache up the river to make people canoe up there, but was the victim of a thumderstorm, so had to cancel.


Perhaps you want to place a cache there for us to find :-)

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Hey all.


Thanx for all the help and suggestions!


We had a fantastic trip down to the PE/Garden Route/Karoo side of the world stopping past 43 towns on the way down.. ;) Yet to log the caches, but will do so, once we do some work today.


Met up with perdix at the top of the Zuurburg for a long .... slow..... lunch (they dont seem to be the fastest people alive up there). We ended up staying at Charlie's farm in the Karoo on the way down and up, Outshoorn (Klein Plaas), Victoria Bay camping site, a friends house in Knysna and then Charlie's gran's house in PE.


anlufu... would of definitely taken you up on the offer, but maybe next time.

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