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Paperless Caching

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Will the Palm M105 PDA work with windows xp not just win. 95/98 and will it be suitable for paperless caching and store enough information for about 50 cache pages?






*I desperatly need a PDA.......this is just 1/20 of how many pieces of paper I have!



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I just visited the palm site and it looks like you have SDcard capability.

if this is the case you will be able to store as much information as you want depending on the card size. you will need to go to palm and make sure you have the latest upgrade of software other than that it will work fine with XP as long as you are not using a Toshiba computer, they have had big issues with palm software wise, this is from personal experience. i could not get my 515 to work with my toshiba. make sure you get cachemate from smittyware.com $8, load it onto your SDcard and you should be good to go downloading cache info. I use GSAK and have not had a problem with my 515. my palm currently shows on my 128MB SD card i have free space 121.7MB of 122.4MB i have information on 242 sites currently loaded. my application directory has 3 items using 590.9KB as you can see the potential is nearly limitless.

hope this helps. :)

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That Palm will work just fine. I have been using my Palm M500 for more than a year now and Cachemate works great on it.


I Export the data for the Palm from GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife).


All you need is the $3.00 per month Premium Membership and you are set . . . the PM costs less than the cost of one of your printer cartridges . . . :P


Check out this Rudimentary GSAK Tutorial if you haven't used GSAK yet.

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