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So Much For Going Caching Today!


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we're not far from Dave, about 20 miles East...


We are normally sheltered from the snow as we have esturies on 3 sides and the Welsh hills to protect us... today we have about 4" of the lovely stuff!


Cats sitting tight inside snuggly warm... so much for my shopping expedition to Chester today!!

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We were going to go caching this morning but woke up to 3 or 4 inches of snow instead. B) So, we and the neighbours wrapped the kids up all nice and warm and dragged them round the street on sledges. 20 minutes and five snotty noses later the kids were all cold and had had enough. Crying kids, geriatric dogs and flurries of snow just don't mix... :rolleyes:


When I were a lad we used to go out sledging all day, have massive snowball fights, and practically roll around in it, spending as much time as possible outside - I think kids these days are just too soft... :(

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