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Sat Nav Thefts From Cars

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i have even read that removing the sat nav alone is not enough, you need to remove the holder too,and apparently even that isn't enough!!! smart thieves even look out for the tell tale suction ring on the windscreen!!pack some paper and window cleaner too,but rememberto hide it after,they may be looking for that tell tale sign next!!!

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The astute thief will watch the approach path. If the car gets to the destination by a series of minor roads, doubling back at no-entry signs, being led into housing estates that have no way out, screeching to a halt a roundabout that has been added in the last five years, then they can probably be sure that it was guided there by GPS.

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Sadly, if that isn't bad enough, theives also know your home co ordinates from your GPS and get back to your house (assuming you have set your home co ordinates). They know you're not there because you're sorting out your car. I'll leave the rest to your imagination! :rolleyes:


I doubt a thief would go to the trouble of tracking you down to your house? Why go the effort when he can nip down the pub sell it cheap to get his next drug fix.

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As someone who was done over by the thieving scum just a few months ago I can only re-iterate... Do not leave anything of value in your vehicle. For these thieves, nothing is off limits: -




Stashing stuff under seats, in boots, in glove boxes, etc... Is not good enough. If they have any reason to think anything of value may be in your vehicle, they can smash a window be in, searched and out you car in seconds.


One good thing to report, I got awarded £100 costs (excess on insurance for car window and full set of replacement house keys) in court and am now receiving the princely sum of £6.67 monthly from said thieving scum.


And Mr SteamTraen, I know you were just joking with your comment, but just so folks know, my Satnav was sold on to a local taxi driver by the thieving scum that nicked it. When they arrested them, they squealed, the Taxi driver was also pulled in and the equipment recovered. He got a warning about receiving stolen equipment and did not get his money back. Not exactly the cheap deal he was expecting.



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Cos you might have left your keys in the car or the remote for your garage door. Seems daft, but people do and it happened to someone we know!


Woody is right...


In September, the Sandiway Searchers had their car stolen in a car jacking, and ok, it was used in an armed robbery and they finally got it back etc etc but the main point of concern was that they were actually on their way home from holiday and it contained not only the keys to the house, but to mum's car too. My sister had to go and leave her car over their driveway until all the locks were changed.


The Police siad that it's a common thing - have your car stolen and then watch helplessly as they then take your other car and ransack your house too.

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the Taxi driver was also pulled in and the equipment recovered. He got a warning about receiving stolen equipment and did not get his money back. Not exactly the cheap deal he was expecting.



That's good news then. If it wasn't for guys like him then there'd be no re-sale market, so no stealing.

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This topic has been done before but it does no harm to repeat it.

So I will repeat what happened to one of my cars that was in a carpark.

Whilst I was away some *$%"**~# punched a hole in the bottom of my petrol tank to nick the petrol.

I was left stranded untill the RAC came and relayed me home.

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I have just had my Astravan replaced for work, so it's about a month old. Outside my house, someone punched a screwdriver through the door skin and opened it up. They stole most of the kit out of the back but got none of my "caching" kit. ;);)


They did steal a box that I keep all cache swaps in and it did have a few tubberware boxes in it also :D


In their haste they also took a large heavy box which contained all my rubbish that we have to clear away from our jobs!!! :D


I know it is a van an likely to have items of value in the back but it just shows how easy it is to break into a vehicle if you know what you are doing. The police said that it is a very common way of getting into vehicles and by doing it this way it overides the alarm as it is just like unlocking the door with a key. This is rural Bedfordshire and these "so and so's" drive around in the early hours looking for likely vehicles. :D


It is repaired now and I wont leave anything of my own in it where ever I leave it.



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