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Deep In The Heart Of Texas Update

Mcdoodles & Family

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I contacted GC.com and other sites involved Paypal etc. I got action At the site where I purchased it and thru PP. GC told me they do not get involved, the seller is a "Well known cacher" Big deal the pope is well known too, and that there was little chance I was being scammed. Maybe not scammed but definitely ripped off. (personal attack removed by moderator), no response to many many emails, no coins no refund. This transaction has soured me totally on buying coins from anyone I do not personally know ever again. I believe in Karma and I hope Karma turns around and bites this cacher right in the A**. A nice audit from the IRS for unclaimed income would be nice, watch for the notice dillweed.

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Still no coin and no respons. (I don't think it is the Dutch mail system to blame!)

I am very angry about the non-response. It is rude! :blink:

I gave McDoodles a negative comment on the cointracking site. (I bought and payed for the coin on that site.)

Hope all cachers that did not receive their coins wil do the same, so no one will be trading with them or buying from them in the future.

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We haven't been to the coin forums (just the ANTI GW4 forums) in a long time (a few times after our last log). We will show our faces (or keystrokes) now to see what's being said.

Some of the e-mails we have gotten have been threatening. Some have been lost in our excite account. (We had no idea there was an issue there before we sold coins) We have been using that account as a primary account for years.

Several e-mails got buried in the inbox. We have been swimming our way out since. 1000+ emails just for 5 days of GW4.

Yes, we have been mailing the coins. Yes, we have been slow about it.(one or two almost everyday) Several things have gotten in the way. EXE. no rent, electric, water, or phone and a job lay off (two months ago). Now that we have all of the above again we have been shipping again. Unfortunately the pay scale for a waitress is only $2.15 hr. (yes + tips but they have been lite lately) Our paypal account has been over the limit (-150 right now) because of mass mailing of coins . We are still shipping them Priority because that's what we charged people. It is not your fault we ran short on funds.We really don't want this info public, but like you said we need to show back up and explain ourselves. If the coins had come in on time life would be grand, but they didn't and the money had been spent. Thanks again for understanding.

Mcdoodles & Family


BTW we log on to gc.com everyday (even if we don't go there) it's our homepage.

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First off, I have to say that the McDoodles are a great family. They have contributed so much to caching in the DFW area in the past couple of years. Stuff happens when you have 3 small children! So lets get right past that!


I'll get the coins today at lunch, and will get all the domestic ones in the mail today. I'll make a list and post it here. They will be shipped priority mail.


For international orders, I will have to do customs forms, and will do those tonight. They will be shipped Global Priority Mail. I shipped my international coins that way and most arrived within a week. And I will post a list here, but I'm hoping to get all of them out tomorrow.


If anyone has any questions, you can PM me.



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The following orders went out today, via Priority Mail:

Daniel Bigart

Craig Wanner

Adam Packer

Ronna Johnson

Mark Roloson

William Barfoot

James Weidman

Matthew Osterman

Stephanie VanAken

David Minnick

Thomas Hassett

John Dawson

Helene Christianson

Edwin Medina

Barry Hansen

Richard Freeman

Timothy Taylor

James Weidman (I don’t know if he has two packages or I wrote it down twice!)

Mark Remein

Raymond Caswell

Don Tichner

Lane Vanderbrock

Sandra Forbes


I ran out of time on my lunch break and have about 7 more US orders and some international orders to do. I'll post a list when I get home from work. And those orders will go tomorrow. This is strange, I usually can't access this forum from work!

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Ah, Marky, you already spoiled me on our trade! I really made out good on that.


I'm doing this because the McDoodles are my friends!


Here is a list of the domestic that are going out tomorrow:

Sandra Forbes

David Klug

Jacob Olson

Squirmnet Graphics Service

Michael Brill

Ross Stewart (hmmm...that name is familiar)


International going out tomorrow will be:

Marc Nollet

Richard Hansen

Martin Sommer

Ian Grime

RFM van Uden

Holger Warnsing

Jens Mohr

Ken Allam

Marc Oberdoerster

Steven Burke

Erik Jens Johan Christiaanse

Andreas Koziol

Michael Schaden

Erik Lemcke

Greg Geissler

Calimero Magic

Bert de Rooij

m van staa


I recognize alot of these names from my coin mailing! You folks are truly addicted (note: pot calling kettle black! LOL)


And that is all I have. If your name should be on this list, let me know and I'll work with the McDoodles to see what we can do. Keep in mind that they had been mailing a few every day, so a couple could be on the way.

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If your name should be on this list, let me know and I'll work with the McDoodles to see what we can do. Keep in mind that they had been mailing a few every day, so a couple could be on the way.


If you should be on the list and you don't see you name above, we will either get coins to you directly or give coins to joni if that makes you more comfortable.


We can't thank her enough.


Marky, Thank you for your gesture. That is very kind of you. She is also welcome to as many mcdoodles coins as she wants.


Thanks and Sorry again. This is the last coin we make. I promise.

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I am truly sorry to hear of your ill fortune and now feel like a big A**.

You should have came in and posted that you had a problem, no specifics just an update.

It is obvious that you have good friends who would help you in a pinch.

Geocachers in general are good people and come together to help in times of need, I've seen it alot in my 3 1/2 years caching. Thanks for the updates, and thanks to Jodi for stepping up to help out. I wish you well and hope prosperity shines brightly on your future endeavors.


Your coin will hold a special place in my collection

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